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Looking for a quick and easy rainy day or snow day craft for kids?  Look no further than this fun decoupage postage stamp container.  This tutorial will show how to make a fun storage container using an old grits container, used postage stamps, and decoupage.

This is a fabulous craft to reuse and repurpose both old postage stamps and grits or other similar containers.  If you don't have used postage stamps, look below for links to purchase stamps and other supplies for this project.

We have many other decoupage crafts tutorials you can find by following the link.  Keep reading for a full photo tutorial or watch the video tutorial below.

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  • Empty Grits or similar container with a lid
  • Used Postage Stamps removed from envelopes
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • Paper Bowl
  • Newspaper

Postage Stamp Decoupage Container - Supplies


For this project, a grits container works nicely but you can use any other container with a lid.  Oatmeal containers would work nicely too.  Find a container with a lid the size you need and mod podge it!

Decoupage Postage Stamp Container Tutorial - Stacked

Before you start, decide if you will have a theme for your container and pick stamps that relate to that theme.  For example, select all flower stamps to have a flower themed container.  Some other theme ideas are: patriotic, 1800's, flags, Christmas, birds, love, presidents, famous people, foreign stamps.  There are so many options.  

A random themed container is also very nice.  Pick out stamps that you enjoy and use them on your container.

Before you begin, decide to put the stamps randomly or in rows.  


Place newspaper on your table surface to protect it.  Pour some mod podge into a paper bowl.

With the foam brush, apply mod podge to a small section on the grits container as shown below.Postage Stamp Decoupage Container - Apply Mod Podge

As you progress, remove the lid so that it does not get glued by the mod podge.  


Select a stamp and place it on the mod podge to affix it to the grits container. Keep applying stamps to the area with the mod podge.  Overlap the stamps slightly so that no part of the grits container will show through.Postage Stamp Decoupage Container - Place Stamps

Once you have the section covered, continue by applying mod podge over the last stamps placed and then onto the next section of the container.   Apply more stamps.  Continue until the whole container is covered.  Remember to overlap the stamps slightly so that the whole container underneath is covered.

Add your stamps to the container in rows or randomly.  There is no wrong way! 


Once you have covered the entire container with stamps, apply one last layer of mod podge over the entire surface.  Ensure that all of the corners of the stamps are glued down smoothly and all stamps have mod podge covering them.

Apply the mod podge in an even layer and make sure there are no goopy or globs of mod podge.  The mod podge dries clear.Postage Stamp Decoupage Container - Coat with Mod Podge

Let the project dry thoroughly or overnight.

The project is complete!  Add the lid and the container makes a wonderful decoration for a child's bedroom and gives them a place to store or hide their treasures.

Below are some examples of the containers we made to give you inspiration.

This container has the stamps lined up in rows.Postage Stamp Decoupage Container - Stamps in Rows

This completed container has the stamps placed randomly.Postage Stamp Decoupage Container - Stamps Placed Randomly

Another finished version with stamps placed randomly.Postage Stamp Decoupage Container - Finished Closeup

We hope you enjoyed this project.  This project can be a great rainy day or snow day project.  Save up some stamps or purchase them.  Find some links below to purchase stamps.Postage Stamp Decoupage Container - Finished

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