Batik is the art of decorating cloth by brushing melted wax on to a fabric and then dipping the fabric into dye.

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Batik and Tie Dye Techniques

This comprehensive, generously illustrated handbook leads readers step by step through the techniques required in creating imaginative and beautiful batiks and tie dyed textiles. by Nancy Belfer - Paperback - Published 1992 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Batik: Design, Style, & History

A comprehensive and richly illustrated survey of batik, a glorious textile art and popular Indonesian cloth. by Fiona Kerlogue - Paperback - Published 2004 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Batik: Modern Concepts and Techniques

This book explores new techniques and new materials for batik. by Noel Dyrenforth - Hardcover - Published 2003 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Creative Batik

Learn how to create beautiful batik designs, pattern and pictures with these step-by-step projects. by Rosi Robinson - Paperback - Published 2001 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Batik Tutoral

It is a way of decorating cloth by covering part of it with a coat of wax and then dyeing the cloth. The waxed area keeps its original color and when the wax is removed the contrast between the dyed and undyed area makes the pattern. Craftown

Crayon Batik

Turn your crayon designs into beautiful batik works of art. Crafter's Touch

History of Batik

Learn about the development of batik - when and where. Batik Guild

History of Batik

Learn the history of batik. The Batik Guild

How to Batik - Wax & Cold Water Dye Method

Learn how to create beautiful fabric with a art technique called batik. How To Do Things

How to Batik - Wax & Cold Water Dye Method

Ten steps on how to batik. wikiHow

How to Batik - Wax & Cold Water Dye Method

Learn how... Fiber Crafts

How to Batik - Wax & Cold Water Dye Technique

Instructions for batiking. Paula Burch's Web Site

Introduction to Batik - Waxing and Immersion Method

What is batik and how is it done? Dharma Trading Company

What is Batik?

An article on batik. Wikipedia

What is Batik?

A description of the art of batik. Batik Guild

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