Stabilizer Quick Tip for Machine Embroidery

Machine Embroidery Stabilizer Quick Tip

This video is a quick tip for getting the best use out of your stabilizer.  

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I love my embroidery machine but the stabilizer needed for the projects can get expensive.  When using a larger hoop, the patterns do not always take up the entire hoop so there is a lot of stabilizer left afterwards.  Don't throw away this leftover stabilizer!

Machine Embroidery Stabilizer Quick Tip

In order to get the most out of stabilizer, cut the larger leftover pieces into sections that can be hooped again.  These sections can be then used to hoop into a smaller hoop.  When hooping stabilizer into a smaller hoop, like a 5x7 hoop, use multiple pieces overlapping each other on the back hoop. Machine Embroidery Stabilizer Quick Tip

See in the photo above how I have two pieces overlapping one another.  The overlapped pieces cover the whole hoop.  Place the top hoop on and you can use this as you use a hooped single piece of stabilizer. 

Sometimes the leftover pieces can be large enough to hoop without extra overlapping pieces.  Below I am hooping two overlapping pieces of cut away stabilizer.

Machine Embroidery Stabilizer Quick Tip

This technique can be used for any type of stabilizer but I like to use it for tear away and cut away stabilizer.

Save money and reuse the leftover pieces of stabilizer!  Did you like this tip?  We have many other Machine Embroidery Quick Tips

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Machine Embroidery Stabilizer Quick Tip

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