How to make a Patriotic Flag Coaster


Patriotic Flag Coaster

Learn how to make a red, white and blue patriotic flag coaster using plastic canvas with this tutorial.

Great decorating idea for Fourth of July and summer picnics.

Click the image below to watch the video in Youtube.


* 7 mesh plastic canvas
* red yarn
* white yarn
* blue yarn
* Tapestry needle
* Scissor


* Cut out a square of 7 mesh plastic canvas – 27 holes x 27 holes
* Outline the blue area – on second row, left-hand side, count over 13 holes and using continental stitch cover the 14th thread – stitch 10 down and then stitch across horizontally

The blue outlined area should look like this.

Patriotic Flag Coaster - Part 1

* To start the heart, next to vertical blue line count down 4 holes and then across 4 holes. This is the starting point for stitch the heart.
* Using red yarn and the continental stitch, stitch the heart as follows:
Row 1 - Stitch 2 threads, skip one thread, stitch 2 threads
Row 2 - Stitch 7
Row 3 - Stitch 7
Row 4 - Stitch 5
Row 5 - Stitch 3
Row 6 - Stitch 1

See photo below how the heart should look.

Patriotic Flag Coaster - Part 2

* Using blue yarn, completely fill in the blue area using the continental stitch.

* With red yarn stitch the first stripe, at the top, using the Slanted Gobelin Stitch.
* After finishing the first stripe, make a white stripe using the Slanted Gobelin stitch.
* Continue making stripes alternating colors.

For a tutorial on how to stitch the Slanted Gobelin Stitch, watch our YouTube video by clicking this link.

* With blue yarn use the overcast stitch around the entire outside of the coaster.
* Finish the coaster by gluing cork or felt on the back of the coaster.

* If you are not sure how to finish the coaster using a cork, watch our video tutorial by clicking this link.

It's Finished!

Patriotic Flag Coaster

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