How to Make a Plastic Canvas Minion Key Ring (Zipper Pull)

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Do you know someone who is a Minion fan?

Make them a Minion key ring or zipper pull. This is a quick and easy project that you can make from plastic canvas. Add a lanyard snap to make it into a zipper pull.

Watch this video tutorial and read the following step-by-step instructions to learn how to make a Minion keyring or Minion zipper pull.

Find our free printable Minion pattern below. In addition, you will find links to supplies you may need for this project.

If you would like other ideas for plastic canvas projects, our Plastic Canvas Free Project page as over 100 ideas.

Watch our Video Below or Click the link to watch How to Make a Plastic Canvas Minion Key Ring (Zipper Pull) in Youtube.


  • 7-Count Plastic Canvas
  • Yarn- Yellow, Blue & Black
  • Scissor
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Key Ring or Ring with Zipper Pull
  • Minion Key Ring Chart (link to download is below)



Minion Plastic Canvas Key ring - Chart To make the key ring, print the PDF chart for the Minion key chain design. The link to the PDF is available at end of the instructions.


Minion Plastic Canvas Key ring - CanvasStart by cutting out the plastic canvas in the shape of the downloaded chart. This will be the shape of the keyring.


Minion Plastic Canvas Key ring - Stitched Follow the chart and stitch the design on the plastic canvas using the tent stitch. Our tutorial on the tent stitch will help if you need instructions.

After stitching the design, complete the background using the tent stitch. Fill in the whole background. Weave in your yarn ends underneath the stitches on the back.


Minion Plastic Canvas Key ring - Bridge Next, you will finish the edges of the bridge between the two sections with yellow yarn and an overcast stitch. You can leave your yellow yarn attached after this step and continue to use it for the whip stitch in Step 5.


Minion Plastic Canvas Key ring - Ring Insert the ring for key ring or ring with zipper pull so that it is around the bridge.

Fold the two sides together, with wrong sides together.

Whip stitch the edges together. Our whip stitch tutorial will show you how to make this stitch. After whip stitching the edges, weave your yarn in under the stitches and then cut the yarn. The key ring is complete.

Minion Plastic Canvas Key ring - Completed

These Minion inspired keyrings (zipper pulls) can be used on backpacks, purses or as zipper pulls on clothes.

It is a fun project that even kid's can make and learn how to needlepoint.


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Minion Plastic Canvas Key ring

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