How to Prevent Stitches from Sliding Off Double Point Needles

Double Needle Quick Tip

Have you ever worried when knitting with double pointed needles that the stitches would slide off? This is an easy solution.

Watch this video and read on to learn how.

To hold the stitches safely on the needles, place needle tip protectors on one end or both ends of the double pointed needle.

Straight Knitting with Double Pointed Needles

The pattern calls for a lot of stitches on one double pointed needle and straight knitting and/or purling these stitches. Place needle tip protector on one end of two double pointed needles and then knit back and forth as if the double pointed needles are regular knitting needles.

Knitting in the Round with Double Pointed Needles

If knitting in the round with three or four double pointed needles and one or more of the needles have a lot of stitches on them, place a needle tip protector on both ends of the needle. Then you can focus on the stitches at hand and not worry about stitches falling off other needle(s). To knit the section with the needle tip protectors, remove the tip protector from the needle, place it on the end of the empty needle, knit all stitches. After all stitches are knitted to new needle, remove second needle protector and place on the needle.

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