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One of the most popular knitting cast-on methods is the long tail cast-on. Recently, I did a project which required me to cast on over 300 stitches.

One of the problems with this type of cast-on method is determining how long to leave the yarn tail. The length of the tail needed will be different depending on the size of the needle and the type of yarn.

Watch this video and read-on for a long tail cast-on tip and other knitting tips.

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Loosely wrap the yarn around the size needle you will be using for the project, 10 times.

Remove the yarn from the needle. This length of yarn equals 10 cast-on stitches

By just folding the yarn, you can determine 20 stitches, 40 stitches, etc.

After calculating the desired number of cast on stitch, add about 9 or 10 inches just for good measure.

Knitting Stitch Marker Tip

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DIY Yarn Holder - Recycled Oatmeal Canister:

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Yarn Storage Tip - Repurpose Newspaper Sleeves:

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