Learn how to make a Christmas Tree from a Paperback Book

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Book Christmas Tree

Christmas offers a great time for creativity. DIY paperback Christmas trees are a super easy, low-cost way to decorate your home.

Paperback Christmas trees are a way to repurpose old unwanted paperback books OR if you do not have any unwanted paperbacks, you can purchase paperback books at a thrift store or dollar store.

Watch this video and read the written instructions below to learn how to make paperback book Christmas Trees.

Click the image below to watch the video in Youtube.

Book Christmas Tree


* Begin by tearing off the outer covers of the paperback book.

* Count out 75 individual pages (this would be the numbered page 150 in the book) and use an X-Acto knife to slice down the spine. Note: You can use fewer pages but the tree will not be as full.

* Next, fold back the spine of the book so it breaks down and opens up the pages.

* Place the book on a flat surface such as a table so the spine is facing left.

* Take the right upper corner of the first page and fold it down to the spine forming a triangle.

Book Christmas Tree Step 1

* Fold the same page again by taking the right-hand folded side and folding into the middle of the book (flush with the spine).

Book Christmas Tree Step 2

* A small triangle is at the bottom of the page. Use the bottom edge of the book to crease the triangle and then fold the triangle at the crease and fold it up.

Book Christmas Tree Step 3

* Repeat this process until all the pages are folded. The end pages may be difficult to fold but try to get the fold into the center of the book.

Book Christmas Tree Step 4

After the book is finished fan out the pages.

Book Christmas Tree

You can then leave it natural. Or you can embellish the tree with spray paint, glue and glitter, a star, ribbon or Christmas ball ornament at the top. The possibilities are endless.

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