Fair Isle Knitting or Stranded Knitting

Knitting with more than one color is Fair Isle Knitting which is also known as stranded knitting.

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200 Fair Isle Motifs: A Knitter's Dictionary

200 Fair Isle Motifs offers simple solutions to the seemingly complex technique of stranded colorwork. by Mary Jane Mucklestone - Paperback - Published 2011 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Fair Isle Style

20 Fresh Designs for a Classic Technique by Mary Jane Mucklestone - Paperback - Published 2013 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Fearless Fair Isle Knitting

30 Gorgeous Original Sweaters, Socks, Mittens, and More by Kathleen Taylor - Paperback - Published 2011 Affiliate Link to Amazon


I Can't Believe I'm Fair Isle Knitting

With this thorough guidebook from Sheila G. Joynes, you can easily learn Fair Isle knitting and gradually expand your skill level while making a colorful cowl and hats for the family. by Sheila G. Joynes - Paperback - Published 2012 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Fair Isle Knitting

Getting started with Fair Isle knitting. By Gum By Golly

Fair Isle Knitting

Illustrations on stranding one-handed and stranding two-handed. Vogue Knitting

Fair Isle Knitting & Stranded Colorwork

A video on how to stranded colorwork. Also written and picture tutorial. Knit Picks

Fair Isle Knitting (Video)

Knitting Help

Fair Isle Knitting (Video)

How to do Fair Isle knitting. YouTube

Fair Isle/stranded colourwork

A website which shows how to do Fair Isle knitting. Little Cotton Rabbits

Floats in Fair Isle Knitting

How to catch floats in Fair Isle knitting.

Stranded Colorwork Explained

The secret behind knitting the beautiful designs in stranded colorwork is in the stranding - Fair Isle Colorwork & Scandinavian Colorwork.

Tip - Fair Isle Knitting

When carrying the yarn make sure it isn't carried too tightly across the wrong side of the work, or the fabric will pucker. An easy trick is to spread out the stitches on the right needle every time you change colors. Knitting Daily

Tip - Fair Isle Knitting

To prevent tangling of the two strands of yarn when Fair Isle Knitting, always pick up the first color over the second, and pick up the second color from under the first. Knitting Daily

Two-Handed Fair Isle Technique (Video)

A video teaching Fair Isle Knitting on a circular needle. The Philosopher's Wool Company

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