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Your artwork resource center. All types of information such as batik, calligraphy, decorative painting, decoupage, drawing, oil painting, pastels and more.

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Artwork Videos
YouTube videos

Acrylic Painting
Learn how to paint with acrylic paints. These sites teach you about acrylic painting.

Art Lessons
Learn the basics of drawing, painting and more with these art lessons.

Batik is the art of decorating cloth by brushing melted wax on to a fabric and then dipping the fabric into dye.

Brushes & Painting Tools
All about artwork brushes - oil, acrylic, watercolor - and other painting tools.

The dictionary defines calligraphy as "fancy penmanship or the art of writing beautiful". Calligraphy is art of handwriting and lettering using fonts, pen, paper and ink. Lot of calligraphy information and on-line calligraphy tutorials are here.

Canvas Basics
How to stretch the canvas, types of canvas, etc.

Chalk Painting
Chalk painting is also known as street painting and madonnaro. It is the art form of using sidewalks, pavement as a canvas and transformint it into a beautiful picture.

China Painting
Learn how to paint porcelain or china.

Color Charts
Color charts, shading charts, etc.

Color Wheel
How to use a color wheel?

Conversion Charts - Paint
Do you need to use a different type of paint for your project? Do you need a conversion chart? This is the place... On this conversion chart page you will find links to lots of paint conversion charts.

Decorative Painting - Basics & Tutorials
Decorative painting is an artform with includes several categories. At decorative painting, which is sometimes referred to as tole painting, is the decorating of functional and non-functional items by painting on them. The painting medium used for decorative painting is oils or acrylics; today, most commonly acrylic paint is used because of the easy cleanup. We offer tutorials, basic, charts and lots of useful information for the beginner or advanced decorative painting artist.

Decoupage is the very old art of decorating an area with cut paper images and applying them to a wood, glass or metal surface by sealing the paper to a surface using several coats of glue or finish. Photographs, cards, invitations, stamps are a few of the types of material used on decoupage projects. Decoupage can add creative and artistic touch to vases, picture frames, boxes, lamps, furniture, dishes and more. Let your imagination soar!

Pencil! Charcoal! Pen! Crayon! Drawing is the art of sketching by lines an object, plan or design with a drawing medium, esp. one made with pencil, pen, crayon or charcoal. You will find tutorials, the basics and more.

Digital Painting

Fabric Painting
Fabric painting offers the crafter the means of creative expression with fabric. Transform fabric into one-of-a-kind, breathtaking and fashionable creations.

Faux finishing is the technique of applying paint to a surface which makes it look like stone or wood.

Trying to find an decorative painting project? Or are you interested in decoupage? What about fabric painting or bie dying? has a huge selections of artwork patterns and projects for all types of artwork. In addition, we are continually adding new projects and they are ALL FREE! Have fun browsing through the categories.

Glossary of Art Terms
Sites with a glossary of art terms and meanings.

Guilds & Clubs
Decorative painting guilds and clubs.

Interesting Links
Links to some interesting artwork sites.

Hex Signs
Learn about Hex signs used by the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Oil Painting
Lessons, tips, hints and more in oil painting for beginners and experienced painters.

Painting - Other Techniques and Lessons
**Painting Lessons - Egg Tempera Painting - Basic Painting Information ** Do you need information? CHECK HERE.

Painting Software, Videos
Learn how to paint with the aid of videos, software, etc.

Painting Tips and Hints
Lots of painting tips and hints. Browse the sites.

Painting Tutorials
Painting Tutorials - Site with free painting tutorials.

Pastels are somethings referred to as chalk. Learn how to paint and draw using pastels.

Sponge Painting
Sponging adds texture and depth to your project. To learn more and have fun with this painting technique.

What is artwork technique stippling? In artwork it is the technique of painting, drawing and engraving using small dots to create the image.

Strokes - Painting Strokes
Learn basic painting strokes. Decorative painting brush stokes, i.e, loading, floating, shading, etc.

Tools in Painting
Learn all about the painting supplies - brushes, paints, palettes, palette knives and other supplies.

Watercolor Painting
What is watercolor? It is the art or technique of painting with a water-soluble medium. offers watercolor information, books and online lessons in watercolor.

Words of Wisdom
Tips, hints and suggestions for decorative painting, folk art painting, etc.

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