Spiral Ruffled Knit Scarf

Scarfs are popular fashion accessories.  With the new airy mesh yarns, you can create gorgeous spiral ruffled scarves which you have probably seen in stores and at craft shows.  These scarfs can be pricey. But with only one skein of yarn and several hours, you can knit one yourself.

MATERIALS (look for links to purchase supplies below)

  • 1 skein - Patons Pirouette
    or Patons Pirouette Shimmer
    or Patons Pirouette Sparkle

  • Knitting Needles - Size 13

Note: A lot of ruffled scarf patterns call from small knitting needles (size 7 or 8).  I have found that it is easier to knit this project using a larger needle.  I prefer a size 13


  1. Cast on 5 stitches.  To do this cast on by inserting knitting needle from back to front across top edge of yarn in every space.  Put needle with cast on stitches in left hand.
  2. Insert right-hand needle from front to back thorough first stitch, skip one open space, wrap the second open space around the right-hand needle and draw yarn through to create a stitch right-hand needle.  Slip stitch off left-hand needle.
    You now have one stitch on right-hand needle and four stitches on left-hand needle.
  3. To knit remaining stitches on left-hand needle, insert right-hand needle from front to back thorough the stitch, wrap next open space (do not skip any spaces) around the right-hand needle, draw yarn through to create a stitch on right-hand needle, slip stitch off left-hand needle.
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 until you have 7 open spaces left.
  5. Cast off.
  6. Sew the loose ends together to give it a more professional finished look and to prevent the ends from unraveling.

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