Knitting Stitches 


By combining knits, purls, yarn over and other knitting stitches you can create lots of stitch patterns which can be used in many different ways. Here you will find instructions for a lot of knit stitches.


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img 400 Knitting Stitches
A complete dictionary of knitting stitch patterns. by Crown - Paperback - Published 2009 Affiliate Link to Amazon
img Knit Stitch Dictionary
250 essential stitches. by Debbie Tomkies - Paperback - Published 2015 Affiliate Link to Amazon
Bamboo Stitch Knitting
Bamboo Stitch
The Weekly Stitch
Bamboo Stitch
New Stitch A Day
Bamboo Stitch
How to knit the Bamboo Stitch. The Bamboo Stitch is an easy elegant stitch which make a nice firm, flat laying piece of fabric.
Bobble - Two Tone Bobble Square
Instructions for making a two tone bobble square.
Box Stitch
Knit stitch pattern. Knitting On The Net
Bramble Stitch
Knit instructions for the bramble stitch. Arran Knitting Company
Bramble Stitch
A knit tutorial on how to do the bramble stitch. Cheeky Fantail
Bramble Stitch - Video
A video on knit instructions for the bramble stitch which is also known as the trinity stitch. You Tube
Brick Stitch
The Brick Stitch pattern simulates a running bond brick pattern using slipped stitched. It is a great texture to use for home decor items like pillows and blankets. New Stitch A Day
Brioche Stitch
Illustration and instructions for the brioche stitch.
Butterfly Stitch
For the butterfly stitch, the slipped stitches are gathered together to form delicate butterfly-like wings which are where the stitch gets its name. It's also referred to as the smocking stitch. The Spruce
Cable Stitch
Learn how to make a cable without a cable needle with these pictures and instructions. Spelling Tuesday
Checkerboard Stitch
Simple instructions for making the checkerboard stitch.
Checkerboard Stitch (Video)
This video shows how to make the ribbed checkerboard stitch using one color. You Tube
Chevron and Feather Pattern
A knit pattern instructions. Knitting On The Net
Chevron Pattern
Instructions for the knit chevron stitch pattern. Knitting On The Net
Chevron Pattern - Elongated Chevron
Instructions for the knit elongated chevron pattern. Knitting On The Net
Chevron Pattern - Single Chevron Stitch Pattern
Instructions Knitting On The Net
Combined Knitting
A tutorial on how to do combined knitting. Bella Knitting
Duplicate Sitch
Also known as swiss darning. This stitch can be used either decoratively or to conceal mistakes. Sweaterscapes
Duplicate Stitch
Duplicate Stitch on Afghan Knit Stitch Vicki's Crochet Designs
Duplicate Stitch
Duplicate stitch is also known as Swiss darning and is a decorative stitch worked over the stockinette stitch. Purl SoHo
Duplicate Stitch Column
This site tell you how to work duplicate stitch columns.
Eyelet Stitch - Cloverleaf Eyelet Stitch
Knit instructions for the cloverleaf eyelet stitch. Knitting
Eyelet Stitch - Garter Eyelet Stitch
Knit instructions. Knitting On The Net
Eyelet Stitch - Garter Eyelet Stitch
How to knot the garter eyelet stitch. eHow
Eyelet V-Stitch Knitting Stitch
If you are looking for a knitting pattern that is a beautiful eyelet pattern, the Eyelet V-stitch is perfect. Craft Elf
Garter Stitch
Information on how to make the garter stitch. Knit Picks
Garter Stitch
Knit instruction for the garter stitch. wikiHow
Garter Stitch
Knit instructions for the garter stitch. Knitting
Garter Stitch (Video)
A demonstration on how to knit the garter stitch. You Tube
Herringbone Stitch - Horizontal Herringbone Knit Stitch (Video)
A video on how to do the horizontal Herringbone knit stitch. You Tube
How to Knit the Stockinette Stitch (St st)
Learn how to knit the stockinette stitch.
How to Knit the Seed Stitch
The seed stitch is a decorative stitch which creates an interesting texture, is reversible and does not curl. Great knit stitch for creating scarves and blankets.
Kirtchner Stitch
A tutorial. My Virtual Sanity by Dawn Prickett
Kitchener Stitch
Step-by-step instruction with photos. Socknitters
Kitchener Stitch a.k.a. grafting
The kitchener stitch is used to graft together stitches to make a invisible seam. Spelling Tuesday
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