Miscellaneous knit pattern which do not fit other categories

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Bookmark - Fern Lace Bookmark

A very simple lace bookmark pattern. Beep Beep Designs

Credit Card

A knit pouch pattern to hold credit cards. Gritty Knits

Eyeglass/Pencil Case

A simple, free knit project for beginners. Knitwits Heaven

Golf Club Covers - Fairway Fair Isles

A pattern for hand-knit golf club covers. Knitty

Key Chain

A beginner skill level project to knit. Craftown

Knit Pouches

Carry-all pouch and eyeglass cases Martha Stewart

Knit Stars

Twinkle, twinkle, little knit stars. WEBS - American Yarn Store

Knitted American Flag

The finished size of the knitted American flag is 9" x 7". They can be sewn together to make a throw. Knitting On The Net

Mop Cover

Simple knit wet/dry mop cover. Inner Child Crochet

Mouse Pad Wrist Pad

This knit pad helps support your wrist when using the computer. Pieknits

Patriotic Ribbon

A simple knit patriotic ribbon project - free. Dawn's Dream Designs

Skate Warmers (Knit Pattern)

Yarn Inspirations

Skirt - Wrap Around Skirt


Yarn Covered Coat Hangers

If you'd like to make a thoughtful gift for a friend, or just need to keep your silky blouses from falling off of plain wire or plastic coat hangers, then yarn covered coat hangers could be the perfect craft. Craftbits.com

Yoga Mat Bag (Knitting)


Yoga Mat Tote

Knit this easy and stylish tote to carry your mat. Fabric.com

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