Learn the classic peyote stitch with these tutorials.

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Beading With Peyote Stitch : A Beadwork How-To Book

by Jeannette Cook, Vicki Star - Paperback - Published 2000 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Jewels in Peyote Stitch

Twenty-Six Full-Color Patterns for Beaded Jewelry by Jill Moring - Paperback - Published 2003 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Peyote Stich: Beading Projects

Thirty outstanding project in peyote stitch. by Julia Gerlach (Compiler) - Paperback - Published 2005 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Peyote Stitch

This stitch is thoroughly discussed and illustration. Bead Jewelry

Peyote Stitch

Learn how to master the peyote stitch. Inspirational Beading

Peyote Stitch (Flat)

Instructions and illustrations on even count flat peyote stitch and odd count flat peycote stitch. Suzanne Cooper - Beads & Stained Glass

Peyote Stitch (Flat)

Animated beadwork class for the even count flat peyote stitch. Suzanne Cooper - Beads & Stained Glass

Peyote Stitch (Tubular)

How to do tubular peyote stitch - even count.

Peyote Stitch (Tubular)

This is a typical Even Count Tubular Peyote Stitch graph! Suzanne Cooper - Beads & Stained Glass

Peyote Stitch (Tubular)

Learn the tublar peyote stitch with instructions and illustrations. Beltana's Beads

Peyote Stitch - Beading

Instructions and illustration on how to make the Peyote stitch. Beaded

Peyote Stitch - Beading

A tutorial on how to make a Peyote stitch in beadwork. Beads East

Peyote Stitch - Circular Flat Peyote Stitch

The circular flat peyote works from the center out. Bead Jewelry Making

Peyote Stitch - Even Count (Video)

How to do an even count Peyote stitch. Jewelry Supply

Peyote Stitch - Flat

How to do flat peyote stitch - even count.

Peyote Stitch - Increasing, Decreasing

This class will talk about increasing and decreasing flat peyote.

Peyote Stitch - Odd Count (Video)

A video of how to make an odd cout Peyote stitch. Jewelry Supply

Peyote Stitch - Two Drop Peyote Stitch Instruction

The two drop peyote is similar to a normal flat peyote stitch, except you add two beads each time instead of one. Bead Jewelry Making

Peyote Tube Beads

Inspirational Beading

Peyote Weaving

Basic Peyote weaving instructions. i-bead

Spiral Peyote

A tutorial on the spiral peyote. Inspirational Beadidng

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