Trouble-Shooting in Machine Embroidery 

Are you have a problem with tension? A problem with bobble thread breaking? A problem with fabric puckering? A problem with skipped stitches? These sites have information for solving machine embroidery problems.


Design Pulled and Tuckered
A tip on how to embroidery high count designs to prevent them from pulling and tuckering. Simply Weet and Sewn
Easy Trouble-Shooting in Machine Embroidery
Lots of useful information for solving a problem when machine embroidering. Anna Bove Embroidery
Easy Trouble-Shooting in Machine Embroidery
Embroidery problem solving tips for needle breaks, skipped stitches, top embroidery thread shows on bottom and more problems. ABC Machine Embroidery
How To Troubleshoot an Embroidery Machine.
Instructions about broken needle and broken thread. eHow
Trouble with tension! Here are some suggestions for helping solve machine embroidery tension problem. Embroidery Library
Tension Troubleshooting Guide
What's the tension problem and what to do to fix it. Embroidery Library
Thread Nest
How to fix bird nesting of thread. ETV
Thread Nest (Birdnest)
5 common causes of birdnest when machine embroidering. Lindee G Embroidery

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