T-shirt Recycling 

Learn how to make T-shirt yarn with the old T-shirts and how to use it. In addition, learn how to do upcycle tee shirts into useful projects. Another eco-friendly craft - recycling tee shirts.


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img DIY T-Shirt Crafts
From Braided Bracelets to Floor Pillows, 50 Unexpected Ways to Recycle Your Old T-Shirts by Adrianne Surian - Paperback - Published 2015 Affiliate Link to Amazon
img Jersey Yarn Creations
This book has 20 projects to crochet or knit using jersey yarn, also known as T-shirt, fabric and textile yarn, is a chunky, stretchy yarn made from strips of jersey fabric. by Alexandre Callier-Taylor - Paperback - Published 2015 Affiliate Link to Amazon
img Making Jewelry with T-Shirt Yarn
How to Create Fabulous Fabric Accessories by Lorine Mason - Paperback - Published 2013 Affiliate Link to Amazon
img T-Shirt Yarn
This book gives 24 great projects to crochet and knit using t-shirt yarn. by Sandra Dr Lebrun - Paperback - Published 2014 Affiliate Link to Amazon
img The Upcycled T-Shirt
28 Easy-to-Make Projects That Save the Planet • Clothing, Accessories, Home Decor & Gifts by Jenelle Montilone - Paperback - Published 2015 Affiliate Link to Amazon
img T-Shirt PIllow
A video on how to sew a t-shirt pillow. Needlepointers.com
img T-Shirt Tote (Video)
A video tutorial on how to recycle an old tee shirt into a tote bag. Needlepointers.com
img T-shirt Yarn - Joining Two Pieces
A video on how to join two pieces of t-shirt yarn together without sewing. This is a quick method for joining t-shirt yarn. Needlepointers.com
img T-shirt Yarn - Joining Two Pieces (Method #2)
A video showing how to join two pieces of t-shirt yarn together using a few small stitches. Needlepointers.com
img T-shirt Yarn Tutorial
Learn how to make one continuous strip of t-shirt yarn from a T-shirt. T-shirt yarn is also known a T-yarn. Upcycle old tee-shirts into yarn and have fun crocheting, knitting and weaving with it. Needlepointers.com
Bag - Shaggy Bag
This shaggy bag can be crocheted with t-shirt yarn. Craft Passion
A fabric carnation make with t-shirt yarn. The Little Tresures
Coaster - T-Shirt Yarn Braided Coasters
Upcycle t-shirt into unique coasters. Carolyn's Homework
Duster - Reusable Duster
Project for making reusable duster from t-shirt yarn. Verdigris Knits
Create hairband from an old t-shirt and add machine embroider a small design. Ann The Gran Community
Hanging Planter Holder
An easy knotted t-shirt hanging plant holder. Craft Foxes
img How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt
Do you have piles of t-shirts around the house with sentimental value that you don't wear? Make a t-shirt quilt. Needlepointers.com
Necklace - T-shirt Yarn Knotted Necklace
A quick easy necklace with t-shirt yarn. Sugar Bee Crafts
Pillow - T-Shirt Pillow
How to turn a t-shirt into a pillow. Jezebel
Weave placemats using t-shirt yarn. Creative Jewish Mom
Rug - No-sew Rag Rug
Instructions for a rag rug using t-shirt yarn. Little House in the Suburbs
Rug - T-shirt Rug
The Happy Housewife
Scarf - Tee Shirt Scarf Tutorial
Cut Out and Keep
T-Shirt Pillow
How to make a t-shirt pillow. Ruffles and Stuff
T-Shirt Pillow
Recycle an old, favorite t-shirt into a pillow. All Free Crafts
T-Shirt Quilt
Making a quilt out of T-shirts. Learn how! QuiltBug
T-Shirt Quilt
Basic tee shirt quilt instructions. Goose Tracks
T-Shirt Quilt
How to... All People Quilt
T-Shirt Quilt
How to make a t-shirt quilt. Stitch This
T-Shirt Quilt
How to make a t-shirt quilt. Condo Blues
Tote Bag - T-shirt Tote Bag
Are you looking for a great, low-cost recycling project to do at home or with a group? Try this T-shirt tote bag. Instructables
Tote Bag - Tee Shirt Tote Bag
Have a drawer full of t-shirts that you never wear? Turn them into reusable shopping totes, and reclaim that drawer space. About.com

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