Cro-Tat (Crochet Tatting) 

Cro-Tat is a new form of needlework which uses crochet stitches to simulate the look of tatting. To find out more about this technique, check this page.


Craftsy - How to CroTat
Free detailed step-by-step instructions on crotat.
Cro-tat history and information. Rainbow Valley
Cro-Tat - Tatting with a Crochet Hook
Instructions on how to tat with crochet hook from 1869 Godey's Lady Book Vol. 78, page 271. Georgia Seitz
Cro-Tat - Tatting with a Crochet Hook
Instruction on how to cro-tat from Batsford Book of Crochet Anne Stearns 1981 pages 43 and 44. Georgia Seitz Online Tatting Class
Cro-Tat Instructions
Basic instructions for cro-tat which is also known as crochet tatting. Prym
PDF Free Adobe Reader is required to view this link. Click the icon to open a new browser window and download the Free Adobe Reader.
Cro-Tat Instructions
How to do various stitch, how to join a picot and how to close a ring. Annie's
Cro-Tat Tutorial (Video)
A video on how to cro-tat. You Tube
If you have trouble finding a cro-tat hook, you can use a bullion crochet hook or a long, very straight crochet hook.
Cro-Tatting Tutorial
Tutorial with designs for cro-tat. MaryM's Originals
Join Technique - Close the ring
How to text instructions with photos and video. Annie's
Projects - Free Cro-Tat Projects
Free cro-tat project links at
Stitch - Double Stitch (ds)
Stitch - Joined Picot
Instructions and video on joined picot. Annie's
Stitch - Picot
Stitch - Reverse Slip Stitch

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