Plastic Bag Recycling 


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Plastic Bag Fusing

How to fuse plastic bags into material for making projects.


Plastic Bag Yarn - Plarn (Video)

This tutorial by is on how to recycle plastic grocery bags into plastic bag yarn also known as plarn. This sturdy plastic bag yarn can be used for lots of different crocheting, knitting and weaving projects.


Eco-Friendly Knits: Using Recycled Plastic Bags

Create project such as a mobile phone cozy, purse, belt, beaded earrings, handbag and more using plastic bags. Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose. by Emily Blades - Paperback - Published 2010


Upcycled Accessories

25 funky fused-plastic projects for all experience levels that use inexpensive, readily available materials. by Tracie Lampe - Paperback - Published 2010

Bag - All American Plarn Bag

This free project is crocheted using red and blue newspaper bags and white grocery bags that were recycled into plarn. My Recycled Bags

Bag - Basic Bag

Instructions for a basic bag made with plastic grocery bag yarn. Nezumi World

Bag - Clutch/ Toiletries Bag

Recycle plastic bags into a useful clutch/toiletries bag. Nezumi World

Bag - Plastic Bag Bag

Free crochet pattern for a bag made with plastic grocery bags. Vegan Crochet

Bag - Re-bag Bag

Knit this bag using plastic bags. Coco Knits

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Barbie Plarn Dress

This free crochet pattern creates a Barbie dress with plastic yarn (plarn). My Recycled Bags

Barrette - Plarn Hair Barrette

Free crochet barrette pattern made with plarn (plastic yarn). Crochet N Crafts

Beach Bag

Instructions for making a beach bag; along with instruction for cutting and joining strips. Bev's Country Cottage

Bowls - Plastic Bag Bowls

Crochet plastic grocery bags into small bowls. Nezumi World

Can Cozy

Here is a free can cozy pattern made with plarn (plastic yarn). Crochet Spot

Cellphone Cozy

This is a free pattern for a cellphone cozy crocheted from plarn. Moira Crochets Plarn

Clothes Pin Bag

This project to create a clothes pin bag using plastic grocery bags. My Recycled Bags


This free coaster project is a quick little crochet project using recycled plastic bread bags. My Recycled Bags

Cosmetic Bag

Recycle bread bags into a cosmetic bag - free instruction. My Recycled Bags


Doll Braided Headband

How to make a doll braided headband for American Girl Doll or 18" doll. This headband is made repurposing plastic newspaper covers/sleeves.

Flower - 3D Flower with Stamens

A 3D flower pattern made with plastic yarn (plarn). moira Crochets Plarn

Flower - 3D Scalloped Flower

3D flower motif made with plastic yarn (plarn). Moira Crochets Plarn

Flower - Rose Embellishment

Instructions on recycling plastic bags into a plastic bag rose embroidery. Nezumi World

Fused - Quilted Plastic Bag

An article on making a quilted plastic bag from fusible plastic. Craftastica

Fused Plastic Backpack

Fused plastic bags and make into a kid's backpack. Dollar Store Crafts

Fused Plastic Cosmetic Bag

This tutorial will show you how to make an appliqued zippered cosmetic bag from fused plastic. Instructables

Fused Plastic Messenger Bag

No sewing necessary! Make a durable, waterproof, recycled, messenger bag of fusible plastic. Instructables

Fused Plastic Tote Bag

A tutorial for a plastic tote bag from fused plastic bags. Bethany Sew-&-Sew

Fused Wallet

Learn how to make a wallet out of pfused lastic grocery bags. eHow

Fusing - Plastic Bag Fusing

A tutorial on how to make "fabric" from recycled plastic grocery bags. Bethany Sew-&-Sew

Fusing - Plastic Bag Fusing

Learn how to fuse plastic bags into material. Freckled Nest

Fusing - Plastic Bag Fusing

How to Fuse Plastic Bags - Plastic Bag Fusing Tutorial.

Fusing - Plastic Bag Fusing

An article on how to fuse plastic bags. Cut Out + Keep

Fusing - Plastic Bag Fusing

Learn how to fusing a few plastic grocery bags together to use in crafting. Etsy Labs

Fusing - Plastic Bag Fusing (Video)

A video on how to fuse plastic bags into material that you can use to make all types of projects. You Tube

Granny Square Bag Pattern

Create a bag with plastic bags. My Recycled Bags

Hanger - Braided Coat Hanger

Recycle plastic bags into a nifty coat hanger. This craft a child can make! All free Crafts

Hat - Plastic Bag Hat

How to crochet a hat with plastic grocery bags.

Jump Rope - Plastic Bag Jump Rope

Childs List

Jump Rope - Plastic Bag Jump Rope


Jump Rope - Plastic Bag Jump Rope

Learn how to braid or crochet a jump rope from plastic bags. Live Strong

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