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When bottles of acrylic paints start getting old and have been used frequently, little bits of hardened paint can get inside the bottles. Don't throw them away and buy new ones yet! Instead, cut out a small square of pantyhose or nylon, stretch it over the top of the bottle and replace the cap. It acts as a strainer and you'll get much more mileage out of the bottle. Tole Expressions


Because acrylics dry so fast, squeeze only a little paint out of a tube. If you're using a 'normal' plastic palette invest in a spray bottle so you can spray a fine mist over the paint regularly to keep it moist. Painting


Use a good quality brush with soft bristles for basecoating - one that you use specifically for painting. Use a separate brush for varnishing if you can afford it.


A small sponge roller is an excellent alternative to a brush. It gives a beautiful even eggshell finish and its faster! When choosing a sponge roller, make sure its around 2" wide. When purchasing, make sure that the sponge is a firm, good quality foam.


Do not leave a brush sitting in water. The bristles will act like a wick, drawing water up underneath the ferrule and will eventually dissolve the glue that holds the brush together. Ben Franklin Crafts


Clean brushes thoroughly at the end of the work period by gently stroking the bristles on a wet bar of soap. Use your fingers to work the soap into the bristles and rinse. Repeat the process until all traces of color are gone and the water is clear. Ben Franklin Crafts


A ball point pen that has run out of ink makes a good stylus for trasferring patterns. A recycling tip!


Many light coats of paint are better than one or two heavy coats. Always add a little water to your paint for nice shear coats. Painting On Jars


Dry brushes facing down. This will help them retain the shape. Dea's Crafty Creations


If paint has dried on your brush, DON'T soak the brush in water. Instead, dip it back in the paint and work it gently on a piece of scrap wood or paper. The fresh paint will soften the old after a few minutes and you can then rinse your brush. Dea's Crafty Creations


To create perfectly straight painted lines on a flat wood surface, score lines in the wood using a stylus and a see-through ruler. Load a liner brush with thinned paint and follow the depressions created in the wood by the stylus. Tole Expressions


Next time you're at the grocery store, pick up a box of plastic coffee stirrers for stirring paint. They're inexpensive and perfect for the job. Tole Expressions


Freezer paper makes for great inexpensive painters palette. It is available in most grocery stores anytime of the year. Painting On Jars


Place your paint pallet on a damp washrag to slow the drying process. i-crafts


Place your paint pallet on a damp washrag to slow the drying process. i-crafts


Use the laser side of junk mail CD's as a paint pallet. It has a finger hole to hold it and colors mix well, and wipe or rinse off easily. i-crafts


Use toothpicks for applying paint to fine details, making tiny dots or applying color in hard to reach areas of your project. Tole Expressions

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