Finishing Techniques 

Learn how to finish a crochet project with a professional look. Blocking, edgings, joining, starching are all discussed in these articles on finishing crochet items.


img Finishing Techniques for Crochet
Give your crochet that professional look with decorative techniques and embellishments. by Pauline Turner - Hardcover - Published 2009 Amazon
Blocking a Crocheted Item
Learn how to block a crocheted piece - afghan and other items. Lots of articles on blocking crocheted pieces.
Crochet Stiffeners
Starching Techniques & Recipes Crochet Memories
Joining - Granny Squares
There are several methods for joining granny square or motifs. Learn them at this site. JPF Crochet Club
Joining - Join-As-You-Go
Learn how to join granny squares as you crochet - the join-as-you-go method. Crochet Cabana
Joining - Joining Crochet Squares or Motifs
Techniques for joining squares or motifs - single crochet stitch, joining with chains & stitches. Crochet Crochet 'N More
Joining - Joining Granny Squares
Tips on joining granny squares together. Yarn Lover's Room
Joining - Jointing Square
Instructions for joining square by using the whip stitch. Bev's Country Cottage
Joining - Weaving Afghan Together
Instructions for joining afghan pieces. Vicki's Crochet Designs
Joining Crochet Pieces
Learn different ways to join crochet pieces.
Starching and Blocking
Learn how to finish your project. JPF Crochet Club

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