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Hand Piecing
Hand Piecing!!! Do you want information on hand piecing? Making a quilters know? Learning how to hand piece a quilt or project? This is the site for you. Learn all you need to know about hand piecing.
Quiltmaking by Hand
10 quilt project which are hand sewn. by Jinny Beyer - Published 2004 Amazon
Hand Piecing
Instructions on how to hand piece fabrics.
Hand Piecing
Step-by-step instructions for hand piecing with pictures. Rose Rushbrooke
Hand Piecing
How to hand piece a block. eHow
Hand Piecing - Curved Pieces
Hand sewing curved pieces. Jinny Beyer
Hand Piecing - Joining Eight Points
Learn how to hand piece eight points. Jinny Beyer
Hand Piecing - Joining Four Points
Text instructions and illustrations on joining four points when quilting bu Jenny Beyer. Jinny Beyer
Hand Piecing - Joining Six Points
Jinny Beyer
Hand Piecing - Set-In Seams
Step-by-step instruction on how to sew seams which must be set-in.
Knot - One-Loop Backstitch Knot
This knot can be used when hand piecing.
Knot - Two-Loop Backstitch Knot
This knot can be used when hand piecing.
Quilter's Knot
How to make a quilter's knot for hand piecing. How Stuff Works
Quilter's Knot
Quilter's knot how-to instructions and photos. The purl bee
Quilter's Knot
Learn how to do a quilter's knot. wikiHow


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