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Cross Stitch Calculators

Handy cross stitch calculators for determining the size of project to how much fabric is needed.

Calculators for Stitching
Counted work Calculator - calculate the size of the fabric you need; Covert Size Calculator - convert metric to inches. StitchPoint
Chart Maker
Instant chart maker -
Cross Stitch Calculator
Willow Fabrics
Cross Stitch Calculator
Julie's X Stitch
Fabric Calculator
This cross stitch calculator will conveniently calculate how much fabric is needed to do a cross stitch project. Scarlet Quince
Fabric Calculator
Our fabric calculator will help you determine the size of fabric required for your design using the number of stitches in the width and height of the design. The Happy Cross-Stitcher
Fabric Size Calculator
The Fabric Size Calculator quickly shows you how large a pattern will be on eight different fabric counts at one time. Cyber Stitchers
Floss Calculator - Cross Stitch Calculator
This calculators stitch area, fabric size, and suggested number of stands of floss.
Floss Calculator - Cross Stitch Calculator
This handy cross stitch calculator figures the size of stitch area, fabric size, suggested needle size, and suggested strands of floss for stitching and backstitching. Yarn Tree
Floss Conversion Calculator
Use this tool to convert multiple floss codes from Bucilla, Candamar, Dimensions, J & P Coats, Anchor, and DMC to any of the others. Cyber Stitchers
Stitches to Inches
Use this chart by Yarn Tree to determine the finished size of a design for various fabric counts. Yarn Tree

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