Free yo-yo project ideas.

Yo-Yo Maker
A selection of Yo-Yo makers for sale at Amazon.com. Amazon.com
Yo-Yo Dolls and Doll Quilts
Book intoduces eight Yo-Yo dolls and their quilts. by Bobbie McClure Long - Paperback - Published 2010 Amazon
Yo-Yo Fashion
Book contains 22 projects with 48 full color pages of instructions. by Amy Barickman - Paperback - Published 2007 Amazon
Yo-Yo Pattern
Simplicity Archive Yo Yo toy sewing pattern. Includes 27-Inch Monkey, 15-Inch Lion and 14-Inch hippo. Amazon.com
Yo-Yo Pattern - Old Fashion Yo-Yo Toys
Old Fashion Yo-Yo Toys : Doll, Clown, Owl, Caterpillar, Dog Amazon.com
Yo-Yo Quilting
Book features yo-yo projects such as placemat, comfy quilt, black cat, stuffed animals and more. by Elisa Albury, Jeanne Stauffer - Paperback - Published 2010 Amazon
Angel - Yo-Yo
Cute yo-yo angel. Craft Sayings
Bookmark - Yo Yo Bookmark
Attractive bookmark - Nice Gift Idea! Scrap fabric project. Beverly's
Christmas - Yo Yo Garland
An idea for fabric yo-yos. Soule Mama
Christmas - Yo-Yo Christmas Tree
This design can be made in three different sizes. CD Designs
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Christmas - Yo-Yo Stuffed Pinecone
This playful decorating project idea is whimsical and unique. Fave Crafts
Clown - Yo-Yo Clown
Use scrap fabric to make yo-yo. About.com Sewing
Doily - Christmas Yo Yo Doily
Instructions for making a yo-yo doily. By using non-Christmas fabric you can use this pattern for any occasion. Love To Sew
Doily - Yo Yo Doily
Sew a colorful yo-yo doily. About.com
Doll - Yo-Yo Doll
How to make a yo-yo doll. eHow
Easter - Yo-Yo Chicks and Bunnies
Delightful little creatures for Easter decorations. Thrifty Fun
Jewelry - Yo Yo Necklace
Place yo-yo together to make a cool necklace. Craftster
Nautical Yo-Yo and Button Necklace
Ornament - Yo Yo Wreath
How to make a yo-yo wreath. eHow
Placemat - Yo-Yo Placemat
A great project for scrap fabric. All free Crafts
Quilt - Colorful Coverlet Yo-Yo Quilt
Approximate size 36 3/4" x 49" Designed by Linda Causee Creative Partners LLC
Yo Yo Jewelry - Bracelet & Earrings
Made with scrap fabric. CD Designs
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Yo Yo Necklace
A pretty necklace. Channel 4
Yo Yo Necklaces and Brooches
A yo-yo tutorial. Sewing School
Yo Yo Pillow
Yo-Yo Cover-Up
Do you have a stain or minor hole on a favorite piece of clothing? Fabric yo-yos are a solution. See how... Craftzine
Yo-Yo Flowers
Make these simple, yet adorable yo-yo flowers. Crafting Mom
Yo-Yo Pincushion
Crafty Pod
YoYo Birdhouse Pattern
Free Applique

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