Hand Quilting & Machine Quilting

Are you planning to hand quilt your project or machine quilt your project? Need information on hand or machine quilting? You found the right place. We offer a lot of information on this subject.

60 Machine Quilting Patterns
Convenient collection of 60 patterns, specially designed to make machine quilting quick and easy. by Pat Holly, Sue Nickels - Paperback - Published 1994 Amazon
Hand & Machine Quilting Tips & Tricks
Quilt Like the Experts Easy-to-Use Quick Reference Guide From Planning to Perfect Stitching. by Harriet Hargrave - Spiral-bound - Published 2007
Hand Quilting With Alex Anderson
This book focuses on the technique of hand quilting. by Alex Anderson - Paperback - Published 1998 Amazon
Continuous Line Quilting Designs
Here are 86 great designs—attractive geometric, garden, and other motifs—without complicated starts and stops. by Pat Cody - Paperback - Published 2001 Amazon
Hand Quilting
Basic information on hand quilting. eHow
Hand Quilting
How to hand quilt. How Stuff Works
Hand Quilting
Complete instructions about hand quilting with photos of how to do the traditional rocking-stitch. Threads
Hand Quilting - Hand Quilting Stitch
How to make the perfect hand quilting stitches. Threads Magazine
Hand Quilting - Quilting It Freehand
Enjoy the freedom and creativity of hand quilting without marking Threads
Hand Quilting Technique
Brief discussion of hand quilting. Quilting 101
Hooping A Quilt
An article on how to hoop a quilt top. Sandrea Baby Quilts
Machine Quilt - Rope Borders
How to quilt rope borders. Ludlow Quilt and Sew
Machine Quilting
Brief discussion of machine quilting. Quilting 101
Machine Quilting - Cross Hatching (Video)
A video showing how to do cross hatching using triangle template. You Tube
Machine Quilting - Cross Hatching (Video)
A video on how to do cross hatching using a quilting ruler. You Tube
Machine Quilting - How to Machine Quilt a Design
A video on how to machine quilt. Needlepointers.com.
Machine Quilting - No-Mark Quilting
Create a stitching path without marking your fabric. Threads
Machine Quilting - Stitch in the Ditch
This video tutorial is on how to stitch in the ditch using your sewing machine. Needlepointers.com
Machine Quilting - Tips
Tips and more. Batts in the Attic
Machine Quilting - Tips & Tricks
Straight line quilting & free-form quilting. Dummies.com
Machine Quilting - Using Sewing Machine (Video)
A short video on how to machine quilt with a regular sewing machine. You Tube
Information on the quilt-as-you-go method of quilting. Secrets of Embroidery
Quilter's Knot
How to make a quilter's knot for hand piecing. How Stuff Works
Quilter's Knot
Quilter's knot how-to instructions and photos. The purl bee
Quilter's Knot
Learn how to do a quilter's knot. wikiHow
Quilting - Stitches
Different types of stitches sandwich the quilt together. Learn the different types here. Quilt Chat
Quilting Made Easy
Now, machine quilting is easy. Beginning and experienced quilters can get perfect results every time using these tear away patterns. Each continuous border design adjusts easily to fit the length and width of your borders. Quilting Made Easy
Quilting with Embroidery Design
Learn how to machine quilt using an embroidery design. Embroidery Library
Stencils - Continuous Line Quilting Motifs
Twelve continuous line quilting stencil patterns. Patch Pieces
Tiger Tape
A tiger tape tutorial. Article by Marty52 Textiles In Time

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