How to Machine Embroider on an Apron

Machine Embroidered Aprons

Learn how to machine embroider on a kitchen apron by watching our free video tutorial or keep reading this page. Also, find affiliate links to supplies for this project below.

The embroidery designs on our aprons are by Designs By Juju from their Sweet Kitchen Word Art package. There is a link below to these patterns.

Click to watch the How to Machine Embroider on an Apron video in Youtube.

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What you will need for this project:

* Pre-purchased Apron
* Machine Embroidery Design
* Tear Away and/or Cut Away Stabilizer
* Fabric Spray Adhesive

Machine Embroidered Aprons

Your apron will be "floated" over the stabilizer and held in place using the fabric spray adhesive. Center the apron over the hoop making sure that the center of where you want the design is centered on the hoop.

It's recommended to use cut away stabilizer for this project since this is going to be worn and probably washed a lot.

My cut away stabilizer is not large enough to be hooped in my large hoop so I hooped tear away in the hoop and then floated the cut away stabilizer on top. I used spray adhesvive to hold the cut away in place. If your cut away is large enough to hoop, just hoop the cut away stabilizer and then float your apron on top.

Machine Embroidered Aprons

The easiest way to center the apron in the hoop is to fold the apron in half.

Machine Embroidered Aprons

Then using the centering marks on the hoop, align the fold along the marks. Check the size of your embroidery pattern and make sure it will fit on the apron and is aligned where you would like it to be. Use spray adhesive to attach the apron to the stabilizer. Spray the apron and stabilizer and then unfold the apron. Fold back the other side of the apron carefully and spray that side also.

Machine Embroidered Aprons

Carefully put your hoop into the machine. Make sure all of the straps, ties and the remainder of the apron is not underneath the hoop or the stitching area. You don't want them to get caught up in the stitching!

Follow your embroidery pattern as normal and stitch out the design changing thread colors as necessary.

Machine Embroidered Aprons

Once the design is stitched, remove the apron from the machine and from the hoop. If you used tear-away stabilizer, tear that off the back. Trim the cut away stabilizer to be around the design. Leave some cut away stabilizer around the whole design.

Trim your threads on the back and the jump threads on the front of the pattern. Your apron is finished!


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

We hope you will make some fun kitchen aprons. These make great gifts for friends, family or teachers.


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Sweet Kitchen Word Art

This is the embroidery design package I used in the video. Designs By Juju

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Machine Embroidered Aprons

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