How to make Anita Goodesign In-The-Hoop Pocket Purse

Anita Goodesign Pocket Purses

This video shows how to make machine embroidered in-the-hoop pocket purses by Anita Goodesign. These little pocket purses are so cute! You can make 12 cute designs with the CD.

These are small purses in fun and funky designs including Cat, Dog, Watermelon, Flower, Cassette Tape, Owl, Crayon, Butterfly, flip flop, cupcake, strawberry and heart. The entire project is done in-the-hoop which means no additional sewing! When the embroidery is done, you pop out the purse, trim around the edges and turn. Your project is complete.

Click to watch the How to make Anita Goodesign In-The-Hoop Pocket Purse video in Youtube.

The Anita Goodesign CD includes 12 different fun and funky purse designs. The CD includes a PDF with general instructions on how to make the purses. It includes many embroidery file types to support many machines. See package for list.

Anita Goodesign Pocket Purses Package Front Anita Goodesign Pocket Purses Package Back


Anita Goodesign Pocket Purses CD
5x7 or larger hoop
Sulky Tear Away Stabilizer
Applique & Purse fabric
Embroidery Thread
Bobbins Thread

Anita Goodesign Pocket Purses Tutorial


Each purse is created in the one hooping.

STEP 1: Hoop Tear Away Stabilizer
STEP 2: Sew - This sews placement stitches for the zipper.
STEP 3: Carefully place your zipper inside the lines. Match up the middle line with the middle of your zipper. Tape it down to hold it in place.
STEP 4: Sew - This will stitch the zipper down. Remove the tape.
STEP 5: Sew - This is the placement stitch for your first fabric.
STEP 6: Cut a piece of fabric large enough to cover the placement stitch and to also fold over. You will place the fabric so it covers the placement line and then the next stitch will tack it down. Then the fabric is folded down so the zipper is showing.
STEP 7: Place your fabric right side down.
STEP 8: Sew - This stitch will attach the fabric at the zipper.
STEP 9: Fold the fabric to cover the placement line and exposing the zipper.
STEP 10: Sew - Stitch the tack down stitch.
STEP 11: Follow steps 5 - 9 for the 2nd side of the zipper/bag.
STEP 12: Add Applique (if your project has this step). Stitch the placement stitch and place fabric to cover the stitch completely. Stitch the tack down stitch and trim the fabric close to the stitching line. An applique stitch will follow to finish the applique.
STEP 13: Sew - Stitch the embroidery stitches to add decoration to your bag. Each bag has different decoration and you pick the threads you desire.
STEP 14: When you get to the last step, this is where you will put the backing fabrics on. Before doing this, open the zipper over halfway open. This will ensure the zipper pull will be inside the bag.
STEP 15: Add a folded piece of ribbon to the top left/right and tape it down. The loop of the ribbon should be facing to the middle of the bag (towards the zipper). The two edges of the ribbon should be outside the stitching line.
STEP 16: Next, cut two pieces of fabric 5" x 7" and put them wrong sides together. Take these two pieces of fabric and place them on TOP of the embroidery. The fabric will cover the whole embroidery.
STEP 17: Sew - Stitch the last step. This will stitch around your bag to finish it.
STEP 18: Remove the bag from the hoop and cut around the outside of the bag leaving about 1/4" seam. You may need to clip inside corners and around curves.
STEP 19: Remove the excess stabilizer from around the zipper. You can also remove excess stabilizer from the stitched areas of the bag.
STEP 20: Turn your purse and press. Your purse is completed!

Anita Goodesign Pocket Purse

Anita Goodesign Pocket Purse

These pocket purses will make perfect gifts for any occasion. I have made them for teacher gifts and for thank you gifts.

Look below for more photos of these pocket purses that we've made here at

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Anita Goodesign Pocket Purse Anita Goodesign Pocket Purse Anita Goodesign Pocket Purse

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