Knitcrate - Crescent Shaped Shawl

Knitcrate Shawl

Learn about the crescent shaped shawl finished by Annette using a Knitcrate pattern and Knitcrate premium yarn. Watch this video and read on for more information on the shawl and the Knitcrate subscription service.

This lacy shawl is the perfect spring and summer accessory for casual to formal wear.

The lacy portion of the shawl was completed first by casting on 311 stitches onto a circular needle. To make this project I learned new knitting techniques.

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Knitcrate Shawl

I learned the German Twisted cast on. This is a variation of a long tail cast on which produces a little looser and neat edge. This method is ideal when making socks, mitten or anything which needs a little stretch.

Knitting the lace portion was tedious. It consisted of twelve rows worked four times. To work the lace the stitches used were:
K2tog - Knit two toether
SSK - Slip, slip knit
S2K1PSSO - Slip 2 stitches, knit one, pass slip stitches over knit stitch
YO - Yarn over

Knitcrate Shawl

After finishing the lacy portion, it was time to start shaping the shawl into a crescent shape. This was done by working German Short Rows. It was fun working theses rows and seeing the shawl take its shape.

Finished Shawl

Knitcrate Shawl

KnitCrate is a monthly subscription service and premium yarn seller. KnitCrate has given us some monthly subscription packages for free to try out and share with you. This shawl was completed with the March yarn and pattern package we received. We are excited to share this. Knitcrate has also given us a discount code to share with you. Look below for the code and our affiliate link to the KnitCrate's web site.

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