Braided Ribbon Barrette

Braided Ribbon Barrette

How to make a braided ribbon barrette. These barrettes debuted in the 80s but they are still popular today.

Imagine how thrilled your child will be if you make her some beautiful braided barrettes to match her outfits. These barrettes are quick and easy.

Watch this video and read on to learn how to make braided ribbon barrettes.

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Two Bar Barrette
1/8" Ribbon, Two Colors
Beads (Optional)


STEP 1: Cutting the Ribbon
Cut two different colors of ribbon to a length of 36 inches.

STEP 2: Braiding
Fold the two ribbons in half to find the middle.

Place the ribbons, layered one on top of each other, behind the barrette on the clasp end of an open barrette.

Without twisting the ribbon, take both ribbons from one side and weave the ribbons over the metal bar and insert them in the space between the two bars. Pull the ribbon completely through the opening and under the other metal bar.

Take the two ribbons from the other side over the metal bar, insert them in the space between the two bars and under the second bar. As you pull the ribbon all the way through, pull the ribbon taut as you work.

Continue braiding by alternating sides and inserting the ribbons into the middle space until the barrette is completely filled with braiding. As you braid, push the braids up to solidly fill in the barrette.

STEP 3: Tying a Knot
When finished braiding, take the two ribbons on one side and wrap around end of barrette. Take the two ribbons on the other side and wrap around the end of the barrette.

Tie a double knot with the ribbons on the inside (or back side) of the barrette so it will not be seen.

STEP 4: Add Beads
If you want to add beads, thread them on the ribbon and tie a few knots at the end of the ribbon.

The final step is to cut the ribbon on a angle to help prevent it from fraying.

Make barrettes to coordinate with outfits, school colors and team colors.

Braided Ribbon Barrette

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