Chris' Garden Tour and Composting

Bee Hives

This video shows a quick tour of Chris' early spring garden. After the tour, Chris talks about her compost pile and how to compost.

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Chris' compost pile is a simple setup. I simply put up stakes around and then used wire fencing. I left it open in the front for easy access. I used zip ties to hold the fencing to the stakes.

In this type of compost pile, it usually takes a year to produce compost. There are many types of composters you can purchase which will make compost faster. I tend to dig up my compost in the spring and add it to my garden beds.

Things to add to your compost pile:
* Non-Woody Yard Waste
* Grass Clippings (only if your grass has not been treated with chemicals, etc)
* Leaves
* Pulled Weeds
* Garden waste
* Kitchen vegetable or fruit scraps/waste
* Coffee Grounds
* tea leaves
* Bunny Waste

Things to keep out of your compost pile:
* meat scraps or other non-fruit or veggie scraps
* Treated grass clippings
* woody (tree or bush) waste

Carolina Wrens Building Nest

This is a photo I took in my garden. In my herb garden I have a birdhouse and these Carolina Wrens were starting to build a nest in there. They also seemed to be checking out several other bird houses in our yard, so I don't know if they'll end up in this one or one of the others. I hope they finish their nest!

Gardening books are an excellent resource for learning how to garden and landscape with fruits and vegetables. The following gardening books are some of my family's favorites.

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