Fabric Glue Stick Review

Fabric Glue Review


A Fabric Glue Stick is a handy product everyone should have in their sewing kit. It is acid free and wash out of most fabrics.

Some uses would be to turn under applique seams, position applique piece on background fabric, for basting seams, replacing pins, and positioning lace, ribbon, rickrack, zippers and embellishments on fabric.

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Fabric Glue Review

I just discovered how useful a fabric glue stick can be. I was working on a quilt block and I used the fabric glue to turn under the seam allowance on the piece that will be hand appliqued to a background fabric.

All I did was rub the glue on the wrong side of the outer edge of the seam allowance area and turn the seam allowance under. The fabric glue is holding the seam allowance under nicely so it will be easy to hand applique.

Fabric Glue Review

Look how nice it looks on the front.

Fabric Glue Review

Use fabric glue to hold these type of items secure when sewing.

Fabric Glue Review

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Fabric Glue Stick

This glue stick contains non toxic and acid free water soluble glue washes out of most fabrics. Use for basting seams, positioning ribbon, trims and appliques. Use to turn under applique seam allowance. Affiliate Link to Amazon


Quilting Glue Stick

This glue stick can be used for basting fabric, position trims and applique, matching plaids and strips and turning under applique seam allowances. Affiliate Link to Amazon

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