Plush Craft Kits

Plush Craft Kits

These Plush Craft Kits are fun craft kits great for kids. They come with everything needed to make cute pillows or animals. Watch our video below where Kate shows us these kits and reviews them.

NOTE: We were not compensated in any way or asked to review or make this video. We found these kits at Michael's and thought it may be something our viewers would be interested in and decided to do a video. We do get a commission if you purchase kits from the links below. Please help us to keep bringing you videos by making a purchase through the links below. THANKS!

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Plush Craft Kits

Plush Craft Kits - Cat Kit

This first kit is a pillow kit of a cat face. The pillow is not quite complete in this photo. There are some fabrics missing on the cat's forehead area. You can see there are markings on the pillow which indicate the fabric color to punch into those spots.

Plush Craft Kits - Cupcake Kit Plush Craft Kits

Above are photos of the completed cupcake pillow and the pillow with the kit box. This kit includes some "gems" which are attached to the pillow. This pillow has more different fabrics than the cat pillow so is a bit more complicated.

Plush Craft Kits - Woodland Animals

These are two of the 3 woodland animals which come in the woodland animals kit. These are the fox and bunny. It also comes with an owl.

Plush Craft Kits

This is a photo of the 3 woodland animals and kit box. The woodland animals kit comes with the animal forms. The shape of the forms, helps indicate where to place the fabrics. There are instructions which also show you where to put the fabrics and the special pieces (eyes, ears, wings, etc).

Each kit comes with everything you need to complete the project. It includes a pre-assembled pillow or animal forms, fabrics, punch tool and gems or other accessories needed to complete the project.

The pillows also have letter/number markings on them similar to paint by number. Under the numbers are pre-made holes which the fabric is punched into. The included instructions show where to punch the fabrics.

Plush Craft Kits

To make the pillows, you put a piece of the fabric over the number/letter and then use the punch tool to push the fabric into the pillow. The fabrics on the pillows can be removed/replaced if you make a mistake.

Plush Craft Kits

Here you can see the fabric has been punched into the pillow form.

Kate had a lot of fun making these projects and thought they were a good project for a rainy or snowy day. They don't take a lot of time, so they could even be a great activity for a birthday party.

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