How to Make Origami Bunny Face

Origami Bunny Face

This video will show you how to make a cute origami bunny face. This is a fun, easy project which kids can make any time of the year but especially for Easter. These bunny faces can be used as placecards, made into garland by attaching to ribbon and used as a greeting card.

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Origami Bunny Face


  • Construction Paper or other decorative paper
  • Marker
  • Tape
  • Googly Eyes (optional)


Step 1:

Start with a square piece of paper.

Step 2:

Origami Bunny Face

Fold in half to make a triangle. Crease.

Step 3:

Origami Bunny Face

Fold the triangle in half again to make a smaller triangle and crease along the fold.

Step 4:

Origami Bunny Face

Open the paper so you have the larger triangle and you will see the crease in the middle.

Step 5:

Origami Bunny Face

Fold up the long bottom edge about 3/4 inch. Crease well.

Step 6:

Origami Bunny Face

Take the right side corner and fold it along the middle crease line.

Step 7:

Origami Bunny Face

Fold the left corner in the same manner along the middle crease line.

Step 8:

Origami Bunny Face

To hold the two pieces together, place a little piece of tape where the right and left side meet.

Step 9:

Origami Bunny Face

Fold the bottom tip up slightly.

Step 10:

Origami Bunny Face

Turn it over. Fold the top two pointed pieces down a little to the inside.

Step 11:

Origami Bunny Face

Make bunny face. Glue on googly eyes and use a black marker to make nose, mouth and whiskers. If you don’t have googly eyes, just use marker to draw eyes.

Origami Bunny Face

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Origami Bunny Face

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