Valentine's Heart Decoration - Wood Heart or Foam Heart

Wooden/Foam Heart Craft

This video will show you how to decorate a wooden heart for Valentine's Day with a wooden heart purchased in a store.

This simple project uses white paint and a pencil eraser. If you cannot find a wooden heart at the craft store, you can always cut a heart from a foam sheet and use the same procedure to decorate it.

This is a fun, simple project for kids.

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Wooden Heart or Cut Heart from Craft Foam
Craft Paint, any color
Pencil with Eraser
Paper Plate
Ribbon 1/4" wide (optional)

1. Squirt some craft paint onto a paper plate.
2. Dip the pencil eraser into the paint.
3. Then keeping the pencil straight up and down, put a dot on the wooden heart. Make as many dots as you want on the heart.
4. Allow project to dry.

1. If using craft foam for this project, make a heart template with paper.
2. Draw the heart shape onto the craft foam and cut it out.
3. Apply dots in the same manner as above.
4. To make a hanger with ribbon for the foam heart decoration, fold paper heart template in half and punch a hole with a hole punch.
5. Place the template over the painted foam heart (which is dry), and you now know exactly where to punch the holes in the foam with a hole punch.
6. Thread some ribbon on a tapestry needle. Bring the needle up through the hole from the back of the heart and then down through the other hole on the front of the heart.
7. Knot the ribbon ends on the back of the heart.

VIOLA! The cute heart ornament is finished and ready to hang for Valentine's Day.

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Wooden/Foam Heart Craft

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