Using Crepe Myrtle as Craft Material

Crepe Myrtle as craft material

Crepe Myrtle is an ornamental shrub or small tree. It is a very hard wood and has lovely seed pods which can be used in craft applications.

The dried seed pods and branches are an excellent resource of free craft material.

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When using crepe myrtle you can spray paint it or leave it natural.

Some craft ideas using crepe myrtle:
Use in dried floral arrangements
String together with greens as garland
Decorate Christmas tree by tucking it into branches
Use as a hanger for woven wall hanging projects
Make jewelry with the seed pods
Carve into statuettes, cars, etc.

Besides crafts, crepe myrtle can be used for:
Canes and walking sticks
Garden stacks
Woven into trellis

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