How to make a Half Hitch Spiral Knot with cord


Spiral Knot

This tutorial will show how to make a spiral knot using only two cords. This knot is also known as the half hitch spiral knot.

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Fold cord with side longer than the other.

Tie a knot with a small loop at the top.

You now have two strands of cord – the longer one is the working cord and the shorter one is the holding cord.

Clip the loop under a clipboard or secure to table in some fashion.

The left-hand cord is the working cord. The right-hand cord is the holding cord.

Take the left-hand cord and cross over the top of the right-hand cord forming a loop. The loop will look like the number four.

Spiral Knot

Take the end of the same cord and pass under the holding cord through the loop.

Spiral Knot

Pull the loop tight over the working cord and up forming a knot.

Spiral Knot


As you make more half hitch knots, it will start to spiral.

Spiral Knot

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