How to make a no sew Fabric Snowflake


Fabric Snowflake
15" Giant Version of the Snowflake made from 6” blocks

The paper versions of this snowflake are popular on Pintrest. Here we show you how to make a fabric version. Below is a sample of the paper version.

Fabric Snowflake
Paper Snowflake

Click the image below to watch the video in Youtube.

To make this fabric version, you will use two contrasting fabrics. You want one light and one dark fabric so there is a good contrast. Sparkly fabrics work great in this project.

Fabric Snowflake
7 1/2” Version of the Snowflake made from 3” blocks

You can make many sizes of these snowflakes. I have one made from 3” squares (makes 7 1/2” finished Snowflake), 5” squares (makes 13” finished snowflake) and a giant one made from 6” squares (makes a 15” finished snowflake).

The snowflakes can be made with 6 or 7 points. I prefer 7 for a more full snowflake.

Fabric Snowflake
7 1/2” Version of the Snowflake made from 3” blocks

Supplies needed:

  • * 2 contrasting fabrics
  • * Ribbon
  • * Heat ‘n Bond
  • * Glue Gun

Step 1 - Preparing the Fabric

Cut the fabric a bit larger than needed and then cut it down into the correct sized squares. So, cut 4”, 6” or 7” WOF strip from each fabric. For the 7” squares, you will probably need more than one strip depending on your width of fabric.

Fabric Snowflake

Cut the heat ‘n bond at 3 ½”, 5 ½”, 6 ½” strips and fuse to each fabric wrong size. I cut the heat ‘n bond a bit smaller than the fabric to keep it from oozing or ending up on my ironing board. Since we are trimming the blocks, we will end up with blocks that are fully fused.

Fabric Snowflake

Fuse the Heat 'n Bond to the wrong side of BOTH fabrics. We want to be sure these are fuzed well and the heat 'n bond gives more stability.

Then, fuse the two fabrics together and then trim to the final size squares of 3”, 5” or 6”. You need either 6 or 7 squares.

Alternatively, you can cut 4”, 6” or 7” squares from each fabric and heat ‘n bond and then fuse directly to the blocks and then trim down to the 3”, 5” or 6” blocks.

Now we have the blocks in their final size either 3”, 5”, or 6” and they are fuzed together.

Fabric Snowflake

Step 2 - Fold and Cut

Next we fold and cut. Fold your square corner to corner to make a triangle. Then fold it again.

Fabric Snowflake
Fabric Folded Once

Fabric Snowflake
Fabric Folded Again

Hold the triangle so the non-folded edges are to your left or right and the single fold edge is up. I am left handed so I hold it with the non-folded edges on the right side. You can hold it the opposite way.

Fabric Snowflake
Left Handed - Fabric held with non-folded edges to right

Fabric Snowflake
Right Handed - Fabric held with non-folded edges to left

You will cut strips through all layers from the edge with the two folds towards the single fold edge. Do not cut all the way through! You finish your cut close to the single fold edge.

Fabric Snowflake

For the 3” & 5” blocks, I just make 3 cuts without measuring. These are so small, it’s hard to measure and just easier to make the cuts. Try to make your cuts evenly spaced.

Fabric Snowflake

Fabric Snowflake

For the 6” squares you can measure and cut ¾” strips and use a scissor or your cutting mat and rotary cutter to make the cuts. Make sure you do not cut all the way through if using the rotary cutter. You can mark your lines or just use your ruler.

Fabric Snowflake

Fabric Snowflake

Step 3 - Next Twist, Glue and Flip

Just as with the paper version of the snowflakes, you twist, glue and flip.

For these fabric snowflakes, you will want to start with the fabric you want to be more dominant facing up. This will end up as the last twist so it will show a bit more than the other fabric.

Fabric Snowflake
First Twist and Glue the inner sections.

Fabric Snowflake
Next Flip the fabric over and twist the next two sections and glue.

Fabric Snowflake
Flip the fabric again and twist the next section and glue.

Fabric Snowflake
One more time, flip and twist and glue.

Do this for all 6 or 7 blocks.

Step 4 - Line up sections

Line up all 7 sections facing the same way. Glue together at the centers.

Fabric Snowflake
All the sections lined up in a row facing the same direction. Here all red is on the right.

Step 5 - Make Circle

Bring the first and the last one together to make a circle and glue together.

Fabric Snowflake
Glue the two ends together at the center to make a circle.

Step 5 - Glue Inner Section

Next you line up the inner section the way you would like it and then glue that together.

Fabric Snowflake
Bring the inner sections together as you like them and glue them together.

Step 6 - Glue on Ribbon

Lastly, glue on the ribbon.

Fabric Snowflake
Finished 13" snowflake made from 5" blocks.

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