How to Tie a Square Knot (Reef Knot)

How to make a square knot

The square knot, also referred to as the reef knot, is used to join two ropes/cords together. It is a basic knot and is the first knot scouts learn.

Watch this video to learn how to tie a square Knot.

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How to Tie a Square Knot

STEP 1. Position the two ropes or cord next to each other
STEP 2. Cross the end in the right hand over the end in the left hand

How to make a square knot

STEP 3. Pass the right end under and the over the left end

How to make a square knot

STEP 4. Cross the left end over the right end

STEP 5. Pass the left end under the right end going though the loop

STEP 6. Pull tight. The two loops should slide to each other.

How to make a square knot

The square knot is complete.

Uses for a Square Knot:

* Securing cord on packages
* Making jewelry
* Tying sails of ships by sailors
* Used in first aid to tie ends of bandages
* Tie belts and sashes
* To tie short shoelaces
* Macramé

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