Dragonfly Pencil Pouch (Free Pattern)

Dragonfly Pencil Pouch


This dragonfly pencil pouch was a recent project completed by Chris using a free pattern by Darn Good Yarn. The crocheted pouch is lined and features a dragonfly motif and snapped closure. The purpose of the lining is to highlight the dragonfly.

Chris used Caron Simply Soft Paints Yarn in the color Crayon for her pouch. Darn Good Yarn suggests using their Silk Roving Yarn. See below for links to purchase this yarn.

If you check out Darn Good Yarn web site for the yarn and pattern (please use our affiliate links below!), also take a look at their $10 monthly subscription box. For $10, you will receive a skein of premium yarn, a knit & crochet pattern (2 patterns!), and a mystery gift.

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To learn more about this dragonfly project, please watch our video or keep reading.

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Dragonfly Pencil Pouch


1. Crochet the dragonfly pattern.

2. Cut out a piece of fabric the same size as the crocheted piece.

Dragonfly Pencil Pouch

3. Fold and press up the bottom edge of lining about 1/4" and stitch in place.

Dragonfly Pencil Pouch

Dragonfly Pencil Pouch

4. Fold up the stitched edge, wrong sides together so that it's the size of the folded up part of the crocheted piece. The stitch marker on your crocheted piece shows where it will be folded up. Stitch the sides of the folded part. This will make the inside pocket of the bag.

5. Place the lining right side up on work surface. Fold in the other non-finished edges and press.

6. Next, lay the lining with wrong side up top of the crocheted piece. Hand or machine sew the lining to the flap. Fold up the crocheted piece bottom up over the lining pocket.

7. Crochet the side back and front together using a slip stitch.

8. Sew the top of the lining pocket to the crocheted piece and the lining is complete.

9. We added a Kam Snap to our pouch to finish it.

Dragonfly Pencil Pouch

Dragonfly Pencil Pouch

I hope you enjoyed this project idea. Try making one today with the free pattern link, listed below.

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Dragonfly Pencil Pouch

UPDATE: SORRY THIS PATTERN IS NO LONGER FREE. However, it can be purchased. Darn Good Yarn

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Dragonfly Pencil Pouch

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