Learn how to fold Origami Frogs


Origami Frogs

This video tutorial will show you how to make a paper frog. This is an origami frog. Watch the video by clicking the link below or keep reading for a photo tutorial.

These paper origami frogs are quick and easy to make. See the photo at the end of this tutorial of Kate's paper frog army!

Click the image below to watch the video in Youtube.

To make a paper origami frog, you will need a piece of construction or regular paper (8.5" x 11"). To make the tiny frogs shown in the video, use a piece of paper cut to 2.5" x 2". The folding procedure is the same for the large or small frogs.

Origami Frog: Step 1

Start with your piece of paper on a table.

Origami Frog: Step 2

Fold down the one side to form a triangle.

Origami Frog: Step 3

Open the paper up.

Origami Frog: Step 4

Fold down the opposite side to form a triangle.

Origami Frog: Step 5

Open the paper up again. You will see an 'X' in folds on the paper.

Origami Frog: Step 6

Bring the sides of the paper together along the fold lines so it forms a funnel. (Watch the video if this part is not clear!)

Origami Frog: Step 7

Press down the funnel at the center and you will have a triangle shape.

Origami Frog: Step 8

Fold one side of the triangle up.

Origami Frog: Step 9

Fold the other side of the triangle up.

Origami Frog: Step 10

Next, fold the two triangles back down towards you.

Origami Frog: Step 11

The frogs legs are finished. Next, fold in one side towards the middle.

Origami Frog: Step 12

Fold the other side in towards the middle.

Origami Frog: Step 13

Your frog should look like this now.

Origami Frog: Step 14

Fold up the bottom towards the frog legs.

Origami Frog: Step 15

Fold that section down again by folding it in half. It will look like this.

Origami Frogs

Your paper frog is complete!

Origami Frog Army

This is a picture of Kate's Origami Frog Army. She has made many frogs in both large and small sizes.

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