Snowman Ornament (Spool Knitting)

Snowman Ornament

How to make a snowman ornament using a spool knitter.

Click to watch the Snowman Ornament (Spool Knitting) video in Youtube.


White Spool Knitting Cord 34" long
Tapestry Needle
Black Craft Foam
8 black Buttons
Optional: Ribbon, Plastic Floral Holly, Other Embellishments For Hat


1. Begin by sewing the spool knitted cord into a circle using a tapestry needle.

2. Attach a piece of yarn for the hanger.

3. Cut a hat for the snowman out of black craft foam and decorate as desired.

4. Hot glue the hat and buttons to the round piece.

The cute snowman ornament is completed.


Click the image below to watch a video on how to spool knit in Youtube.

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Snowman Ornament

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