How to make a book cover from Duct Tape

Duct Tape Book Cover

It is back to school time!

Keep those textbooks or any book in good condition by making a book cover.

Don't use boring brown paper bags or contact paper. You can create a sturdy book cover with duct tape. Learn how to make a duct tape book cover.

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Duct tape
Brown Paper Grocery Bag or Craft Paper


1. If using a brown paper grocery bag, cut it down one of the sides and cut out the bottom.
2. Place the brown paper grocery bag or craft paper flat on your work surface.
3. Open the book and lay it on the paper. Cut the paper 2 1/2" to 3" larger than the book on all sides.

1. Place the unopened book in the center of the paper, with your hand make a crease in the paper along the top and bottom of the book. Remove the book.
2. Using the crease as a guide, fold up the bottom edge and down the top edge the entire length of the paper.
3. Place the book in the center of the folded paper and fold the sides flaps over the book creasing well.
4. Remove the book.
5. You now have a paper book cover which you will cover with duct tape.

1. Starting with the flaps, cut a piece of duct tape longer enough to cover the height of the book. Place the duct tape along the straight, cut edge of the flap and wrap excess over the top and bottom of the paper book cover. Place another piece of duct tape next to the first piece overlapping about 1/2". Continue covering the flap.
2. When you get to the flap fold, fold duct tape over the folded edge to the front and then cut the excess tape at the top and bottom with a scissor.
3. Repeat with other flap.
4. Turn the book cover over to the front.
5. Take a piece of duct tape long enough to cover the height of the paper book cover template, beginning at the side fold attach the duct tape to the front of the paper book cover. Fold the excess tape over the top and bottom to the back of paper book cover.
6. Place another piece of duct tape along the other side fold.
7. Continue placing duct tape, alternating sides, overlapping the duct tape about 1/2" until paper book cover is entirely covered.
8. The final step, if the duct tape is covering the inside flap where the book will be inserted into the cover, take a scissor and cut the duct tape along the inside flap so book can slip in.
9. Slide the book into the duct tape book cover and you are finished.

You now have a study, creative, personalized cover for your book.

Duct Tape Book Cover

Photo of inside flap of duct tape book cover

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