Various free crochet items.

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Yarn, Yarn, Yarn

50 fun crochet and knit projects to color your world. by Susanna Zacke, Sania Hedengren - Published 2014 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Butterly - Lisa's Butterfly (Crochet Project)

Crochet 'N' More

Cell Phone - Beaded Cell Phone Holder

Enjoy this free beaded crochet pattern for a beaded cell phone holder. Crochet

Crochet Hook Case

Crochet a case for crochet hooks. Allicrafts

Crochet Hook Case

This crochet hook case is crocheted with a series of shell stitches. Crochet Spot


Crochet Pattern Central

An extensive directory of free crochet pattern links.

Eyeglass Case Cover

Crochet eyeglass case cover. JPF Crochet Club

Fan Potpourri Sachet (Crochet)

Jennifer Down Under

First Aid Kit Pouch (Crochet)

Red Heart

Glass Case (Crochet)

Art of Tangle

Irish Roses Picture Frame

Crocheted Irish roses adorn this picture frame. A unique gift ideas for a new baby. Kreink

Lady Bug Magnet

Create this crochet lady bug magnet with scraps on red and black yarn. Mielke's Fiber Arts

Laptop Cover (Crochet)

Red Heart

Mending Caddy (Crochet)

Priscilla's Crochet

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Owl - Crochet Owl Pattern

Love The Bluebird

Tissue Box - Chrysanthemum Tissue Box

Cheery, yellow crocheted chrysanthemum adores a wooden tissue box. Imagine using this chrysanthemum on a multitude of projects such as embellishment on clothing. Kreink

Tissue Cover - Simple Boutique Tissue Cover

This free crocheted simple boutique tissue cover is a good project for a beginner to intermediate to make JPF Crochet Club

Water Bottle Carrier

A unique crocheted gift idea.... All free Crafts

Water Bottle Cozy

A free crochet pattern. Knitwits Heaven

Water Bottle Cozy

Keep hands dry by making this crocheted water bottle cozy. Tamdoll's Workplace - Silver Mountain Originals

Water Bottle Holder

A free crochet pattern for a water bottle holder. Crochet N' Crafts

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