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  • Needlework - Video Tutorials

     Learn how to do all types of needlework - cross stitch, embroidery, etc., with these informational videos. Learning to by viewing videos is easier than reading instructions and looking at illustrations.
  • Assisi Work Assisi work is a type of counted-thread emboridery and was named after the village of Assisi in Italy where the method originated. For this technique the main design is left blank and the background is filled embroidery stitches.
  • Bargello Needlepoint Bargello (Florentine) is a needlepoint stitch which results in a zigzag design. The links below offer tutorials, stitch instructions, books and project ideas for using the Bargello Stitch (Florentine Stitch).
  • Bead Embroidery An explosive, interesting craft - bead embroidery. Learn about bead embroidery here.
  • Blackwork Embroidery Blackwork is a traditional needlework technique worked with black thread on ecru or white colored linen.
  • Brazilian Embroidery What is Brazilian Embroidery? How do you do Brazilian Embroidery. Learn more about Brazilian embroidery at these sites.
  • Candlewicking & Whitework Candlewicking also known as whitework is a traditional needlework technique of white on white embroidery. Usually the stitches used were colonial or french knots along with stem stitch.
  • Chicken Scratch  Chicken Scratch is also known as snowflaking, gingham embroidery and Amish embroidery. It is usually worked on a gingham check in order to have a lacy look. Find chicken scratch tutorials, information, free chicken scratch projects and stitches used.
  • Cross Stitch Learn how to cross stitch. Cross stitch is a form of counted thread embroidery or printed fabric cross stitch Learn all about cross stitching from the fabrics used, to the stitches, to the notions and tools of cross stitches. Learn the basics and advanced techniques.
  • Embroidery Embroidery is an ornamental needlework using needle, thread, and a variety of stitches to decorate a fabric with patterns and designs.
  • Crewel Embroidery Crewel embroidery is surface embroidery using wool and a variety of different embroidery stitches creating a slightly raised feature on the fabric.
  • Filet Lace Filet lace is one of the oldest techniques for lacemaking. It is also referred to an net lace, lacis, filet brode. The techniques involved hand-making a square-mesh net foundation and filling in a portion to make a design.
  • Hardanger Hardanger is a type of embroidery where a portion of the fabric threads are removed and embroidered around to form a lacy effect.
  • Needle Felting Needle felting is the technique of using a felting needles either by hand or machine to interlock and compact wool fibers into a pattern or design on fabric or felt.
  • Needlepoint Needlepoint dates back hundreds of years and is a traditional art form of counted embroidery worked with a threaded needle to stitch a design over the threads of a canvas.
  • Needleweaving  Needleweaving is also known as Teneriffe Embroidery, Polka Spiderweb, Pinweaving. Learn more about this lace technique.
  • Paper Embroidery Paper embroidery instructions, history, stitch guide and more.
  • Plastic Canvas As the name suggests, plastic canvas is a artwork using a variety of needlepoint stitches to create a design on plastic canvas. Fantastic three-dimensional project can be created.
  • Punch Needle In punch needle embroidery a design is stitched on fabric using a punch needle.
  • Redwork Embroidery Redwork is the technique of using red embroidery floss and stitching on muslin squares using the outline embroidery stitch. The squares can be sewn together to make quilts, pillow or any other imaginative project.
  • Ribbon Embroidery The art of ribbon embroidery is a three dimensional artwork working ribbon and classic stithces.
  • Smocking Smocking is a form of embroidery that is worked on pleated fabric.
  • Stumpwork Embroidery Stumpwork is a embroidery needlework art of dimensional, raised texture embroidery.
  • Tatting

     Tatting is a knotted lace formed with thread and shuttle and an embellishment for all types of projects.
  • Apps for Needlework Looking for needlework apps for iPhone, iPod or iPad? Here are some cross stitch apps, embroidery apps and plastic canvas apps which may be of interest.
  • Catalogs Request free catalogs from these needlework companies. Catalogs feature cross stitch, needlepoint, embroidery and other needlework crafts.
  • FREE PROJECTS & PATTERNS Welcome to free needlework projects and patterns page. We offer hundreds of free needlework projects for you to enjoy and use. We have a large selection of FREE needlework, cross stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, plastic canvas patterns and projects and more. NEEDLEPOINTERS.COM IS CONTINUALLY ADDING NEW PROJECTS AND PATTERNS. ALL FREE! Have fun browsing through the categories.
  • Interesting Links Interesting needlework links.
  • Labels & Journaling Labeling a cross stitch projects is important - telling who made it, when, etc. Cross stitch project journal tells about a project.
  • Needlework Organization Needlework guilds, clubs and groups.
  • Needlework Shop Locater Find a needlework shop.
  • Pattern Generator Links to pattern generators. Whether you want to create your own needlework design or you want to create a pattern from a photo, you will find some online and downloadable generators here.
  • Printable Graph Paper Need graph paper? Here are links to all types of printable graph paper.
  • Shows & Conventions Learn about, how and where you can find needlework shows and conventions.
  • Tassels How to make a tassel. Free instructions and illustrations on how to make tassels.
  • Thread Color Charts & Checklists  Handy color charts and shopping list for floss and beads.
  • Thread Conversion Charts Floss conversion charts, stitch conversion charts, bead conversion charts, thread conversion charts.
  • UFO's (UnFinished Objects) Do you have a unfinished projects around the house? These articles have ideas and hints on how to finish those projects called UFOs or UnFinished Objects. Learn more....

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