Crochet is a fun, relaxing needlecraft done with a hooked needle. This popular craft has been around for century and is used to create beautiful home decorations, fashions and more. Do you need crochet supplies? Try one of our affiliates and enjoy the convenience of having the merchandise delivered to your home.


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  • Learn to Crochet Learn how to crochet with these crochet tutorials, crochet lessons and basic crochet information.
  • Learn to Crochet - Video Tutorials This video tutorials are helpful tools for learning crochet basics and crochet advanced techniques.
  • Learn to Crochet - Left-Handed  Do you want to learn to crochet but think it is not possible because you are left-handed? These site can help you learn how to crochet left-handed - tutorials, instructions, lessons and more.
  • Abbreviations and Terms - Crochet Confused with all the crochet abbreviations? Learn crochet abbreviations, symbols and terms with these crochet links.
  • Advanced Crochet Procedures Advanced crocheting techniques. This crochet articles will help.
  • Amigurumi Amigurumi is the Japanese craft of crocheting or knitting small stuffed toys - cute animals, dolls and figures.
  • Apps for Crocheters (iPhone / iPad / iPod) Looking for crochet apps for iPhone, iPod or iPad? Here are some apps which may be of interest.
  • Blocking A Crocheted Item Blocking a crocheted item gives it a polished, professional look. Blocking is a way of shaping and setting the design and smooth the stitches into place. Learn more about blocking a crocheted piece.
  • Body Measurements/Sizes Size and measurement information for making crocheted garments for children and adults is here. If you spend the time to make a garment, you want to make the correct size
  • Catalogs - Free Catalogs for Crocheters 
  • Crochet Conversion Charts Crochet conversion charts, i.e., crochet hooks, international conversation charts, etc.
  • Crochet Hooks  All about crochet hooks.
  • Crochet Software and Videos Crochet software, crochet shareware and crocheting videos.
  • Diagram Crochet These sites will give you information on how to crochet using diagrams and symbols.
  • Embellishments Crochet Embellishments & Knit Embellishments - Dress-up your finished crochet or knitted projects with embellishments - tassels, crafty buttons, pom-poms, etc.
  • Finishing Techniques Learn how to finish a crochet project with a professional look. Blocking, edgings, joining, starching are all discussed in these articles on finishing crochet items.
  • Fringe - How To Learn how to make fringe.
  • Granny Squares All about granny squares. Learn how to make granny squares. Learn how to join granny squares. Lot of ideas and projects for granny squares.
  • Knit to Crochet Learn how to convert a knit pattern to a crochet project. Or the reverse. These sites and books have information which will help.
  • Labeling Crochet Projects Labeling a crochet project is very important. That way, future generations know who made the item.
  • Patterns - Crochet Patterns to Purchase 
  • Stitch Guide - Crochet These articles have information on crochet stitches from the basic crochet stitches to advanced crochet stitches.
  • Washing and Care Learn how to wash and care for crochet items so you can preserve them for generations.
  • Words of Wisdom Helpful crochet tips and hints. If you have a creative tip on crocheting, please visit our contact page and email the crochet tip or crochet hint to us.
  • Yarns and Threads All about crocheting yarns and crocheting threads - color charts, how to dye yarn, conversion charts, about yarn labels and more.

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