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Crochet is a fun, relaxing needlecraft done with a hooked needle. This popular craft has been around for century and is used to create beautiful home decorations, fashions and more. Do you need crochet supplies? Try one of our affiliates and enjoy the convenience of having the merchandise delivered to your home.

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  • Learn to Crochet - Video Tutorials This video tutorials are helpful tools for learning crochet basics and crochet advanced techniques.
  • Crochet Basics Learn how to crochet with these crochet tutorials, crochet lessons and basic crochet information.
  • Crochet - Left-Handed Crochet Do you want to learn to crochet but think it is not possible because you are left-handed? These site can help you learn how to crochet left-handed - tutorials, instructions, lessons and more.
  • Crochet Abbreviations and Terms Confused with all the crochet abbreviations? Learn crochet abbreviations, symbols and terms with these crochet links.
  • Crochet Advanced Procedures Advanced crocheting techniques. These crochet articles will help.
  • Crochet Apps Looking for crochet apps for iPhone, iPod or iPad? Here are some apps which may be of interest.
  • Crochet Conversion Charts Crochet conversion charts, i.e., crochet hooks, international conversation charts, etc.
  • Finishing & Embellishments Learn how to finish and embellish a crochet project with a professional look. Blocking, edgings, joining, starching and embellishment ideas are all discussed in these articles on finishing crochet items.
  • Crochet Stitch Guide How to make crochet stitches from the basic crochet stitches to advanced crochet stitches.
  • Crochet Tips Helpful crochet tips and hints. If you have a creative tip on crocheting, please visit our contact page and email the crochet tip or crochet hint to us.
  • Crochet Tools & Accessories Learn about crochet hooks, tools and accessories. Product reviews.
  • Crocheting - Other Languages

     Links to sites and book for learning to crochet in French, Spanish and German.
  • Afghan Stitch (Tunisian Stitch) The afghan stitch - tunisian stitch is also known as the tricot crochet, hook knitting and railroad knitting. In working the afghan stitch you put loops on a hook and then remove the loops for the hook.
  • Broomstick Lace As the name implies, originally the handle of a broom was used to make broomstick lace. A combination of large loops are worked over a large knitting needle, dowel or broomstick lace pin. This lacework is popular for afghans and shawls. Broomstick lace is also known a jiffy lace and peacock eye crochet.
  • Cro-Hook Cro-hooking also know as cro-knitting, double hook crochet and "crochet on the double" is a variation of afghan stitch or Tunisian crochet. Cro-hooking has been around for many years but recently has been becoming increasing popular. This craft uses a cro-hook whcih is a long double ended crochet hook and soft, supple fabric.
  • Cro-Tat (Crochet Tatting) Cro-Tat is a new form of needlework which uses crochet stitches to simulate the look of tatting. To find out more about this technique, check this page.
  • Filet Crochet Filet crochet technique is a net or lace of square mesh made from rows of double crochet with some of the mesh empty and some filled. Simply filet crochet is two types of meshes or squares: filled and open. With filet crochet you only need to know the chain stitch and the double crochet stitch.
  • Granny Squares All about granny squares. Learn how to make granny squares. Learn how to join granny squares. Lot of ideas and projects for granny squares.
  • Hairpin Lace This delicate lace is made placing loops on a hairpin fork and securing them with a crochet stitch. The hairpin lace strips are worked together to form the finished product commonly used in afghans, shawls and babywear.
  • Shows & Conventions Crochet shows and conventions.
  • Tapestry Crochet What is tapestry crochet? This type of crochet uses two or more yarns to create a colorful fabric.
  • Yarns and Threads All about crocheting yarns and crocheting threads - color charts, how to dye yarn, conversion charts, about yarn labels and more.
  • Yo-Yo's

      A Yo-yo is one round of double crochet. The yo-yo can be used to form different projects.
     Over 600 Free Crochet Patterns. offers hundreds of free crochet patterns for you to enjoy and use. Are you searching for a new, interesting free crochet pattern or free crochet project? Or perhaps hairpin lace, filet, tapestry crochet or broomstick lace? Below is a hugh selection of FREE, YES FREE, patterns and projects. NEEDLEPOINTERS.COM IS CONTINUALLY ADDING NEW PROJECTS AND PATTERNS. ALL FREE! Have fun browsing through the categories of free projects and free patterns. Come back often.
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