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About Joints

There are many ways of fastening pieces of wood together, some are purely functional such as butt joints, while others are functional as well as decorative. Learn more... Sawdust Making 101

Box Joints

Learn a joinery method when making a box. Wood Magazine

Dado Versus Dowel Joinery in Furniture

Information on dado versus dowel joinery. Wood Web

Dovetail Joint

What is a dovetail joint? This article will tells all about dovetail joints. Wikipedia

Dovetail Joint

Information on how to make a dovetail joint. Extreme How To

Dovetail Joint

How to make a hand-cut dovetail joint. Sawdust Making 101

Half-Lap Joint

How to quickly make half-lap joints. This Old House

How to Cut Dados

Cutting dados is a task all woodworkers perform regularly. There are different ways. The NewWoodworker shows you how.

How to Cut Multiply Dados

Tips on cutting dados. Binky Woodworking

Joinery - Woodworking Joinery

Learn all about the different types of woodworking joinery. Wikipedia

Joinery Methods for Face Frames

What’s the best joinery method for cabinet face frames? This article tells. Rockler

Mitered Corner

How to square a mitered corner. Woodsmith Tips

Stopped Dados

Dados are a favorite joinery method of woodworkers because they are very strong, easy to make with common tools, and can be used in a wide range of applications. Click here to for information on making stopped dados.

Tenons - Loose Tenons

A strong argument for loose tenons - FAQ. Rockler

Wood Joinery Techniques

Butt joint, lap joint, rabbet joint, box joint, mitre joint, mortise and tenon joint are discussed. DIY

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