Needlepoint Basics

Helpful, basic information for needlepointing.

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Basic - Select Needle & Fiber (Video)

This video tutorial has information on selecting a needle and selecting fiber for needlepoint projects. Monkey See

Calculate - Yarn

How to estimate the amount of yarn needed for needlepoint project. Ezine Articles

Calculate - Yarn

Two ways to calculate estimated yarn yardage for needlepoint project. Needlepoint for Fun

Do I Need To Use a Frame or Stretcher Bar?

Here is the answer to that question Needlecraft Showcase

How to Make a Knot

Step-by-step instruction and photos on how to make a knot.

Learn how to Needlepoint

The basics. Needlepoint for Fun

Multi-Color Design

An article on how to work a multi-color design using waste knots. Just String

Multi-Color Designs (Needlepoint)

How to needlepoint a design with multiple colors. Needlepoint for Fun

Needlepoint Tools

Basic tools are listed with a descriptions Needlecraft Showcase

Plunge Thread

How to secure thread after couching. Needlepoint Teacher

Stretcher Bars

How to mount canvas on stretcher bars. Needlepoint Teacher

Thread - Ending A Needlepoint Thread (Video)

A video showing how to end a thread in needlepoint. Money See

Thread - Starting & Ending Thread

Learn how to start and end needlepoint threads. Needlepoint Teacher

Thread - Threading a Needle and Starting a Thread (Video)

A video on how to needle a thread in needlepoint and starting you thread in a needlepoint canvas. Monkey See

Thread - Tying Off Tips

How to end a strand Needlecraft Showcase

Waste Knot - Needlepoint

A excellent article on how to make a needlepoint waste knot. Needlepoint

Waste Knot - Needlepoint & Plastic Canvas

How to start your needlepoint or plastic canvas using a waste knot. Snapguide

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