Cross Stitch Basics

For the beginner, basic guides to cross stitching from needles to thread to helpful tips.

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Cross Stitch

A beginner's step-by-step guide to techniques and motifs. by Charlotte Gerlings - Paperback - Published 2012 Affiliate Link to Amazon


Cross Stitch For Beginners

n this leaflet, you'll find step-by-step instructions for learning how to cross stitch along with 11 charted designs and 2 charted alphabets. by Leisure Arts - Paperback - Published 1991 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Anchoring Floss - Waste Knot

Instructions with illustrations on how to beginning stitching using the waste knot method. Scarlet Quince


Anchoring Floss - Loop Method (Video)

Learn how to use the loop method to secure embroidery floss.

Anchoring Floss - Waste Knot

How to use a waste knot to start a new thread.

Anchoring Floss- Waste Knot Method

Illustrations and instructions for using the waste knot method for starting a new threads Ellen Maurer-Stroh

Basic Cross Stitch Information

Items discussed are how to find the center of your chart, center of the fabric, basic cross stitch stitches, reading the chart and more. Caron Collection


Cross Stitch A Row

This video by will show and explain how to cross stitch a row. To do this, you normally stitch the rows horizontally from left to right. But it can be stitched right to left. Learn how.

Cross Stitch Basics

learn stitch basics, thread basics and fabric basics. The Cross Stitchers Guild



Prepare cloth for cross stitching by placing masking tape or painter's tape around the edge of the fabric. This will stop fabric from fraying.


Ending Floss (Ending Thread)

How to secure or end floss on the back of a project by running the threaded needle under the previously stitched threads.

Ending Thread

How to secure thread at the end. Beter Homes and Garden

Fabric - Aida and Evenweave

How many strands of embroidery floss should I use with cross stitching fabric.

Fabric - Cross Stitch Fabric

A guide to cross stitch fabrics. Thread Bear


Floss - How to Separate Strands of Embroidery Floss

This video will show you how to quickly and easily separate strands of embroidery floss without tangling.

Hoop - Avoid Catching Floss on Hoop and Fabric

Tips on how to avoid catching the floss on the embroidery hoop.

Hoop - Hoop Creases

How to avoid hook creases in cross stitch fabric.

Hoop - Hooping Fabric

How to put cross stitch fabric in a hoop.

Organizing Floss

One of the most important aspect of stitching a design with many floss colors is the job of keeping those colors organized. Click here for helpful hints. Teresa Wentzler Collection

Tips for Beginners

Counted cross stitch is the most popular form of embroidery in the United States today. It's widely accepted because it's easy. and it offers such an exciting array of project design books. Here are some tips if you are just beginning. Caron Collection

Using Variegated Threads for Dramatic Effects

Caron Collection

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