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img Backward Loop Cast On - Knitting Basics (Video)
This YouTube tutorial is on how to do the knitting cast on technique called the backward loop cast on which is also known as the loop cast on, thumb cast on, e-wrap or e-loop. This knitting cast on is the easiest to learn and master. Even a child can learn this cast on stitch. Needlepointers.com
img Cable Cast On - Knitting (Video)
This tutorial is on how to do the knitting cable cast on. This knitting cast on is a very nice looking cast on, very sturdy and give the knitting project a very nice edge. Needlepointers.com
img Decreasing - Knit Two Together (K2tog)
This video tutorial is on how knit two together. The knit two together is commonly used to decrease the number of stitches in a knit row. Needlepointers.com
img Increase - Yarn Over (Video)
A knitting tutorial on yarn over. A yarn over increases the number of stitches in a row and create the little hole in the knitted fabric. The yarn over is an essential part of lace knitting. Needlepointers.com
img Knit Stitch (Video)
Learn how to do the knit stitch with this tutorial. Needlepointers.com
img Knitting Cast Off - Knitting Basics (Video)
A tutorial on how to cast off when finished with a knitting project. Needlepointers.com
img Seed Stitch - How-to
A video on how to knit the seed stitch. Needlepointers.com
img Stockinette Stitch (St st) - Video
This video shows you how to do the knitting stockinette stitch. The stockinette stitch is a basic and very familiar knitting stitch. The stitch consist of knitting one row and then purling one row. Needlepointers.com
img Two-Needle Cast On - Knitting (Video)
This tutorial is a basic knitting cast on - the two-needle cast on stitch. Needlepointers.com

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