Needlework & Cross Stitch Videos 

Learn how to do all types of needlework - cross stitch, embroidery, etc., with these informational videos. Learning to by viewing videos is easier than reading instructions and looking at illustrations.


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img Algerian Eye Stitch
A tutorial showing you how to make the Algerian Eye Stitch, which is also known as the Algerian Eyelet Stitch or the Star Eyelet Stitch.
img Basket Stitch - Video
A embroidery stitch tutorial on how to do the basket stitch.
img Chain Stitch (Video)
This video is on how to hand embroider a chain stitch. The chain stitch is a series of loops joined together to form a chain. A Chain stitch is used as a decorative outline stitch.
img Feather Stitch (Video)
How to do the feather stitch. This is a hand-embroidery decorative stitch which creates a vine or branch looking line.
img French Knot (Video)
A tutorial on how to do the French knot.
img Herringbone Stitch (Video)
This video will show how to stitch the herringbone stitch. The herringbone stitch is a popular embroidery stitch often used for borders.
img Lazy Daisy Stitch (Video)
Learn how to do the lazy daisy stitch with this video.
img Anchoring Floss - Loop Method (Video)
Learn how to use the loop method to secure embroidery floss.
img Cason Desk Magnifier - Product Review
The Carson Magnifier and Desk Lamp is a 3X power magnifier and desk lamp ideal for crafters.
img Christmas Tissue Box Cover
This is a easy and fun plastic canvas project. This video shows a Christmas tissue box cover made by a staff member at It is a wonderful gift idea for friends, co-workers or family!
img Coaster - Plastic Canvas Coaster #1
How to make plastic canvas coasters using a circle plastic canvas circle shape.
img Continental Stitch
This video explains how to do the continental stitch on plastic canvas. The continental stitch is a type of tent stitch. This stitch is also used in needlepoint.
Prepare cloth for cross stitching by placing masking tape or painter's tape around the edge of the fabric. This will stop fabric from fraying.
img Double Cross Stitch (Smyrna Stitch)
Learn how to stitch the double cross stitch on plastic canvas. This stitch is also known as the Smyrna Stitch
img Double Running Embroidery Stitch
This video will show you how to do the double running embroidery stitch which is also known as the Holbein stitch.
img Easter Basket
Create an Easter basket with plastic canvas for an American Girl doll or 18" doll. This can also be used as an Easter decoration.
img Ending Floss (Ending Thread)
How to secure or end floss on the back of a project by running the threaded needle under the previously stitched threads.
img Floss - How to Separate Strands of Embroidery Floss
This video will show you how to quickly and easily separate strands of embroidery floss without tangling.
img French Knot
How to make a French knot when working with plastic canvas.
img How to End Yarn (Plastic Canvas Basics)
Learn how to end yarn when working with plastic canvas.
img How to Start Yarn (Plastic Canvas Basics)
Learn how to start and anchor the yarn when stitching on plastic canvas.
img Lark's Head Knot (Plastic Canvas)
Learn how to make a Lark’s Head Knot. This stitch is used in plastic canvas project to add a fringed edge or for attaching a loop for hanging your project.
img Lazy Daisy
This tutorial will show and explain how to make the lazy daisy stitch on plastic canvas.
img Long Legged Cross Stitch (Plastic Canvas Joining Stitch)
How to join two pieces of plastic canvas together using the long legged cross stitch. This plastic canvas stitch is a decorative joining stitch.
img Minecraft Creeper Key Ring (Zipper Pull)
Learn how to make a Minecraft Creeper keyring or zipper pull. This is a quick and easy project that you can make from plastic canvas.
img Minion Plastic Canvas Keyring
How to make a Minion Keyring with plastic canvas. This can also be used as a zipper pull.
img Patchwork Key Ring (Zipper Pull)
Learn how to make a patchwork keyring (zipper pull) with plastic canvas.
img Patriotic Flag Coaster
How to make a plastic canvas patriotic flag coaster.
img Plastic canvas Coaster - Finishing Technique
Learn how to finish a plastic canvas coaster with a cork backing.
img Slanted Gobelin Stitch
Learn how to make the slanted Gobelin stitch. This is a diagonal stitch which can be used in needlepoint and plastic canvas projects. This stitch can be worked over two to five diagonal threads and one or two lengthwise threads.

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