Quilting Videos 

Learn how to do quilting techniques with these videos. Videos are an easy way to learn how to quilt.


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Chain Piecing (Quilting Technique)

This Needlepointers.com video will show you how to do chain piecing. Chain piecing is a way to stitch quilt pieces together quickly. Another advantage of this method is it saves thread. Needlepointers.com


Concord Kitties

A finished project made by a Needlepointers.com staff member. Kitties on a bunch of grapes. Garden Patch Cats, by Helene Knott. Needlepointers.com


Double Fold Binding

This video will show you how to make double-fold binding which is also known as the French-fold binding. This is one of the commonest binding techniques. Needlepointers.com



Do you ever have trouble pulling the needle through the fabric? This tips explains how to use a small piece of jar opener rubber to help pull needle through material. Needlepointers.com


Hanging Quilt

This quick tip explains how to hang a quilted wall hanging using plastic rings. This is a quick and easy method. Needlepointers.com


Hanging Sleeve (Quilt Sleeve)

This video will explain how to prepare a quilt or wall hanging to hang on the wall by sewing a sleeve on the back of the project. Needlepointers.com


Highlight Yellow Project Challenge

A personal project completed by Needlepointers.com. This project was a challenge by a quilt guild to make something using highlight yellow fabric. This is the result of the challenge. Needlepointers.com


How to Bind a Potholder

Learn a simple way to bind a potholder with a hanging loop. This binding is completely done with a sewing machine using the serpentine stitch. No hand stitching.


How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt

Do you have piles of t-shirts around the house with sentimental value that you don't wear? Make a t-shirt quilt. Needlepointers.com


How to Tie A Quilt

This video will show you how to tie a quilt. This is a quick and easy way to hold quilt layers together. Needlepointers.com


Machine Applique (Raw Edge Applique)

This video will show you have to use your sewing machine to applique using a fusible web product. This is also known as raw edge applique. This is quick and easy applique method. Needlepointers.com


Machine Quilting - How to Machine Quilt a Design

A video on how to machine quilt. Needlepointers.com.


Machine Quilting - Stitch in the Ditch

This video tutorial is on how to stitch in the ditch using your sewing machine. Needlepointers.com


Mitered Corner - How to Sew A Mitered Corner

This video will show you how to mitered a corner which adding binding to a project. Needlepointers.com


Paper Doll Quilt

This paper doll quilt is a personal project completed by Needlepointers.com. Needlepointers.com


Paper Piecing (Foundation Piecing)

How to paper piece. This tutorial will explain how to do paper piecing which is also known an foundation paper piecing. Perfect points and angles are easier which using this quilting technique.


Pillowcase Finish - Finish Quilt without Binding

Learn how to finish a quilt without using a binding. This quilt finishing technique is referred to as the pillow case method or the envelope method. This method is appropriate for small quilts, such as baby quilts, and quilt hangings. It is a quick and easy way to finish a quilt. Needlepointers.com


Quilt Fabric - Prewash or No Prewash

If you prewash fabric, how do you prevent fraying? Learn some techniques on how to stop fraying.


Quilt Rod - Hanging A Quilt

How to make a rod for hanging a quilt or wall hanging and how to hang it on the wall. This project uses a hanging sleeve or quilt sleeve on the back of the quilt. Needlepointers.com


Quilted Fabric - How to Make Your Own Quilted Fabric

Learn a quick and easy way to make quilted fabric.


Quilters Knot (Video)

A video on how to make a quilters knot. This knot is used for quilting, hand sewing and hand quilting. Needlepointers.com



Don't toss your old rotary blades away! Store them in the plastic container marked "Used" and use them to cut paper for scrapbooking and card marking projects. Needlepointers.com


Scrappy Quilt Binding

A video tutorial on how to make a scrappy quilt binding. Needlepointers.com


Snap 'n Store Carry Case

This Snap ‘n Store Carry case by Allary is really handy for storing or traveling with sewing tool. The plastic case can hold items such as pens, pencils, scissors, rotary cutters, sewing aids, crochet hooks, glasses, glue sticks and much more. Learn more about this product. Needlepointers.com


String Piecing with Foundation Paper (String Quilting)

How to make a sting quilt block using paper as the foundation. This technique is so easy and fun and a great way to use scrap fabric. Needlepointers.com


Strip Piecing

Learn the quilting technique of strip piecing with this video. Needlepointers.com


Veggie Pot Holder

These pot holders were quick and easy to make. The paper piecing is a simple pattern so they are a good pattern to try for your first paper piecing project.

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